February 13, 2002

Dear Cardinal William H. Keeler,


I originally sent this letter to you regarding Emmitsburg almost 1 year ago. Since that time many more things have happened in my life that I know with 100% certainty are a direct result of blessings received at Saint Joseph’s on Thursday nights. I have added these events in my life to the letter I originally wrote. It is my prayer that this will be given to the commission studying the events in Emmitsburg.

I am not seeking anything for myself, I only want the truth and I believe God has let me see the truth through the events described in this letter. God is not allowing these things to happen in my life for my entertainment, He has a purpose for them. I feel it is my duty as a Catholic to make sure you have been made aware of the powerful blessings from God that have been distributed to so many people in your diocese at Saint Joseph’s in Emmitsburg. For this reason I am personally delivering this letter to your office.


Thank You,

R_____ C___