June 10, 2001

Dear Fr. ___________,

First and foremost I would like to thank God for what He has done for myself and my family. I do not have the words that can even begin to express what my heart feels. What has happened in our family is my prayer for every family.

Over the past number of years things have happened to me that I know are not the normal everyday things that happen in most peoples lives. I have shared with you some of these in the past but not all of them. After much prayer I feel God wants me to share with you everything that has happened by giving you a copy of the letter I wrote this past March to Cardinal Keeler regarding Emmitsburg.

I have made several attempts in the past to relay to you what I have been experiencing and I thank you for your patience in this matter that I fully understand requires the utmost caution and prudence on your part.

In the early days of my trips to Emmitsburg I told our Blessed Mother in prayer that I was willing to do whatever She wished no matter what it cost me. No matter what the cost to me it would be a small price to pay for the intervention Jesus and St.Therese provided to my son that without a doubt saved his life and mine when he was beat up by his baby-sitter on August 17, 1992. Since then there have been opportunities laid out before me that I know are a gift from God. The opportunity to serve God has presented itself in many different and unusual ways.

Each time one of these opportunities is presented I know I can say yes or I can take the easy road and say no. If I were to say no I know God would not love me any less. I pray that God will continue to give me the strength and the courage to continue to say yes to Him no matter what. I know the greatest gift I have received from God is the knowledge and truth that I needed to change. The greatest gift I can return to God is a willingness, desire and effort to make the necessary changes. I can honestly say that my attempts have been genuine but at the same time I realize that I still have a very long way to go. My goal is to live in a state of grace.

I believe in Emmitsburg, God wonít allow me no to. Things are changing there too, God is quietly validating His Mothers presence there. Priest and people are returning because of the fruits that are so widespread. They can not be ignored. Yes, I have seen the sun spin and change colors there, I have smelled the roses where there are no roses and as nice as that is its nothing compared to the thousands of people who have turned their life around. People whose faith has been completely renewed, people who have returned to the sacraments after years of separation and the many people who converted from whatever faith to the Catholic Faith. I believe this is Godís plan in action and I will never be able to do enough for Him to repay Him for the front row seat He has allowed me to witness this from.

Sincerely and with love,

R_____ C___