Demonic and Deceptive Apparitions to Ron O’Brien

Keene, New Hampshire

After several months of attending the Thursday night Prayer Group something came over me during the silence of the apparition and if I ever had any doubts about if this was real or not as of this night all doubts were totally gone. It was that night ( I do not know the exact date ) that in prayer during the silence of the apparition I told the Blessed Mother this : “There is no human in the history of the world that has had a harder job than what you have had and even now 2000 years later you are still tirelessly working. If there is anything I can do to help I will be willing to do it” It was not long after that unusual things began to happen.

On Thursday May 20, 1999 at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon I was standing in the parking lot at Saint Joseph’s talking to Ted Szymanski and Joe Martin. Suddenly I realized I was smelling roses and it was strong. I stopped the conversation we were having and said “ I smell roses”. Both Ted and Joe smelled the roses too. It lasted for about 10 seconds and was then gone. THE SCENT OF THESE ROSES WAS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE NIGHT OF OCTOBER 4, 1998 THAT I DESCRIBED IN THE ABOVE LETTER THE NIGHT AFTER MY SON C.R.C. WAS BAPTIZED. EXACTLY THE SAME. When the scent of the roses comes it is a very uplifting experience. It is unlike smelling just any rose this is special and it is a gift and you can not help but to know this when it happens.

What I am about to tell you now is something that I have told very few people and I usually do not like to talk about it but it did happen and should be recorded here.

Later in the week Ted Szymanski called me at home and asked if I would be interested in making a trip to Keene New Hampshire. There were a growing number of people in Emmitsburg who were interested in another visionary by the name of Ron O’Brien who said he was receiving messages from God The Father. At first I did not want to go. Emmitsburg was enough for me. I thought about it for a week and then I told Ted that I would drive him up there. It was about the worst 16 hour drive that you could possibly make. It was a nightmare. When we finally arrived we checked into the Valley Green Motel that was only about 1 or 2 miles from Ron O’Brien’s house. We were told to be at his house at 12 noon on Saturday June 25. When we got there we parked behind his small house at 16 Victoria St and there were already about 30 people there. The very first thing that struck me was as soon as we stepped into O’Briens’s back yard the scent of roses would continually come and go. Constantly roses, roses and more roses. Ted was also overwhelmed by the scent of these roses. There was not a rose in site. I walked up to another person who was there and asked if he smelled the roses. He said it had been like that all morning. There were other people there who did not smell any roses. I would say the roses would come about every 10 or 15 minutes until about 3 o’clock then they stopped. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon Ron O’Brien came out of the house and gave about a 45 minute talk about his apparitions. He sounded pretty convincing but it seemed something was out of place. At about 2 o’clock O’Brien gave tours of his house. When you went in the scent of lavender was most prominent. The house was full of pictures and statues that were weeping scented oil. Not just a few of them but all of them. He had statues and pictures in plastic bags saturated with oil. There were statues standing in deep puddles of oil. In the master bedroom he had a table with about 100 “miraculous bleeding host” that he said would just appear during the apparition. It was quite a collection. At 3 o’clock O’Brien had his apparition that lasted about 15 minutes. When it was over he read the message. There was a lot of anger and fear in the message. O’Briens explanation for the tone of the message was “ If this world was your creation would you not be angry?” At about 4 O’clock Ted and I left and went back to the motel.

Ron O’Brien invited us to come back the next day on Sunday and for whatever reason we did not go. We came home. For the next week or so I was disturbed. Never in my life had I been so confused. The following Thursday July 1 we went back to Emmitsburg. Ted and I were in St. Philomena Book store talking to Mary Little about our trip to New Hampshire. Mary and several others from St. Joseph’s had been up there just a few weeks earlier. While we were in there Sister Claire Mahoney came walking in. Mary knew her well but this was the first time Ted and I had ever met her. Mary wanted us to tell Sister Claire about our trip to O’Briens because Sister Claire was leaving to go there the very next day. I really did not know what to say or how to express my true inner feelings about this. Again total confusion, so I mainly kept quiet and let Ted do the talking. The following Tuesday July 6, 1999 this whole thing was eating away at me and I called Sister Claire on the phone. We talked for about 2 hours and Sister Claire said her trip to Ron O’Briens was the WORST experience she ever had. Sister Claire was horrified at some of the things that happened to her there and some of the things that Ron O’Brien said to her. Sister Claire was smart enough to recognize the events at O’Briens as demonic deception. I was only smart enough to be confused.

Thursday July 8th came and Ted and I went back to Emmitsburg. We had not been there 5 minutes when I was asked it I would like to have the 4th decade of the Rosary. I accepted and it was while I was up there leading the Rosary that Our Lady appeared to Gianna. This was the most wonderful peaceful feeling it was again exactly what I felt the night C.R.C. was beat up when I said “Thanks for nothing” and exactly the same as the instant I snapped the picture of Our Lady of Fatima”. It tingled all over. But the most important and lasting gift of that evening was the fact there was NO confusion like there was at O’Briens. None at all. Only peace, thats all I could feel was warmth, peace and the Love of God. There were no similarities between the two apparitions at all.

The following week Sister Claire came back to Emmitsburg and we decided that it was necessary to tell others about our bad experiences at Keene, New Hampshire so they would not go or listen to the messages. This was not an easy task. There were many people who just did not want to hear anything bad about Ron O’ Brien and they took offense when you talked in a negative manner about him. Others would listen. It got to the point that some people would not even talk to Sister Claire or myself because of the negative reports we gave Ron O’Brien. Some had to see for themselves and they went anyway. After a while word got around and you started hearing less and less about Ron O’Brien until it got to the point where you heard nothing about him at all.

Sister Claire had some obligations and was unable to come to Emmitsburg for a few months after this and she did not come back until Thursday November 11, 1999. I walked into the Palms restaurant that day and 2 people asked me if I had seen Sister Claire because she was in town and wanted to talk to me. I had not seen her so I walked over to St. Joseph’s and I found her in the choir loft. She and I were the only people up there. We talked about a number of things. Sister Claire then asked me how our anti Ron O’Brien campaign was going. I told her that many people had dumped O’Brien like a hot potato and you almost never even as much as hear his name mentioned. At that very instant the scent of roses was all around us and I don’t just mean a whiff I mean we were smothered in them. This did not just last for a few seconds either it continued and our senses were completely saturated with the heavenly scent of roses. Even as I walked down the stair case the scent stayed with me. When I got to the ground floor I saw my son C.R.C. walking towards me and I said to him “Breathe in do you smell the roses” At the very instant he started to inhale the aroma went away and he said “No”. I know that those roses were for Sister Claire and myself. No one else not even my 8 year old son could smell them. Sister Claire said the timely scent of roses was confirmation that Our Lady wanted Ron O’Brien squashed at St. Joseph’s and that it was our efforts that helped accomplish this.

Our Lady of Emmitsburg Message
Through Gianna Talone Sullivan
at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Emmitsburg, MD
July 8, 1999

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
Pray, little children. Pray with all of your hearts. Look to your
Savior's heart which shed blood for you. Please pray, pray, pray! Pray
that every good thought, prayer, and desire to be like Jesus will
reflect in your actions. Pray your interior being may be one with your
exterior self so that you may completely be whole in God's love.
Your soul was created for the glory of God. It desires to live in
unity with the Holy Trinity while in this world until it dwells for all
eternity in God's eternal bliss of love. You have the power and the
strength of the love of Jesus. Have faith in Him and trust in Him
unconditionally. People who are searching will follow your example of
love. Be like Jesus in meekness, humility, patience and mortification.
There is so much to gain in His light and there is so much He desires to
give to you. He will not mislead you. He will guide you in His
merciful love.
Sorrow exists in this world yet you can be the light, hope and love
of Jesus. Trust Him. Believe in His word. Do not disbelieve. Believe
and you will see miraculous works of His mercy. There is great joy in
Jesus. Without Him you possess nothing even though you may think you
have everything.
Peace be with you. I bless you in His Holy name and take your
petitions to Him. Thank you for responding to My call. AD DEUM.

Message 248