My Wife S.C.C. becomes a Catholic and

receives the Red Scapular in a very special way.

I hate to go on to long but I must also tell you about another event that took place on the front steps of Saint Joseph’s on Thursday April 6, 2000. My wife, S.C.C. was a Baptist and about a year and a half ago she came to St. Joseph’s for the first time. After several trips she became interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. She enrolled in the RCIA classes at "Parish Church" Catholic Church in our hometown with no commitment, she only wanted to learn more about it. As time went on she continued to come with me to Emmitsburg on Thursdays and attended her RCIA classes on Mondays. Soon she became excited about becoming a Catholic. On Wednesday April 5, 2000 our family sat down to eat dinner and during this time S.C.C. asked me about the brown scapular that I wear. She asked if there were any other kinds of scapulars. I explained the brown scapular and told her about the blue, white, green and red scapulars. She stopped me and asked about details of the red scapular. I was not able to give her a lot of information about it other than the red represented the Passion, Blood and Suffering of Jesus Christ. S.C.C. then said “When I become a Catholic if I were going to wear a scapular I would want to wear the red one”. This made me feel very good because I knew without a doubt that her heart was in the right place for someone entering the Catholic Church in just a few more weeks at the Easter Vigil mass. The very next night was Thursday April 6, 2000 and we made our usual trip to Emmitsburg. That evening while standing on the front steps of St. Joseph’s Sister Claire Mahoney presented a gift to S.C.C. for coming into the Catholic faith. It was a beautiful high quality statue of Jesus the Good Shepard that stands about 18 or 20 inches tall. Draped over the shoulders of Jesus was a RED SCAPULAR!!! S.C.C. and I were both stunned and instantly recalled the conversation and her desire for the red scapular the night before. S.C.C. started to cry because she knew without a doubt God was behind this. S.C.C. and I have been married for fifteen years and NEVER have we EVER talked about scapulars, but the one night we did it materialized into reality the very next night on the front steps of St. Joseph’s in Emmitsburg. There had been absolutely no communication between Sister Claire or anyone in my family. Sister Claire had no way of knowing anything about S.C.C.’s desire for the red scapular. S.C.C. always wears her scapular and is a very strong Catholic and getting stronger everyday. Our family is now united in a way I never thought possible. Thank you very much.