Picture of Our Lady Weeps Tears of Blood

June 15, 2000

On Thursday June 15, 2000 shortly after I arrived at St. Joseph’s that day I saw
Sister Claire and a few other people standing and talking in the parking lot. I walked over to say hello to them and joined their conversation. Sister Claire then asked me to walk over to her car because she wanted to give me a picture of Our Lady to hang in my house. Sister Claire opened the trunk of her car and gave me a beautiful picture of Our Lady. Sister Claire pointed out that this picture shows The Virgin wearing a scarf very much like the one pictured in Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s picture.

I clearly remember looking at the picture she gave me and thinking how nice it was. The picture had a creamy texture and was absolutely perfect in every way. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. If there had been anything out of the ordinary I would have noticed it right away.

I thanked Sister Claire and we walked over to the church a few minutes before 3 PM for the Chaplet of Devine Mercy and I gave the picture to the usher to be placed on the alter to be blessed by Our Lady of Emmitsburg that evening. When everything was over that night I went up to the alter to get my picture and I was STUNNED to find that the picture of Our Lady had wept tears of blood from the left eye. There was also blood on Her face and blood was dripping out of Her Immaculate Heart directly under the entrance wound of the dagger.

This goes far beyond my comprehension and trying to understand it is nearly impossible. I can only say that I am grateful beyond my ability to describe and I thank God constantly for this picture and for what He has done for myself, my friends and my family all because of being at Saint Joseph’s in Emmitsburg during the apparitions to Gianna Talone Sullivan.

In addition to what I have told you here I have smelled the roses at St. Joseph’s about 30 times and Our Lady has appeared while I was leading the Rosary twice. The first time as I mentioned earlier was July 8, 1999 and the second time was March 23, 2000. I feel very privileged to have experienced all of this and I thank God for it.



Post Script: I did not include this in the above paper at the time but this was the very same evening three priest I had never seen at the prayer group conducted everything. Everything was done in a slap-hazard, sloppy manner. It was clear that this was not a good night for the prayer group. I am sure this evening was the beginning of the END.

R.C. August 13, 2018