Tuesday September 19, 2000

4:13 AM

This is perhaps the most difficult event of all for me to try to describe. This is also the very first time this has been told outside of our immediate family. As you already know my wife S.C.C. converted to the Catholic faith this past Easter. She is very happy with her decision to convert and has no regrets whatsoever.

On Tuesday September 19, 2000 I was working the midnight shift and at 3:30 a.m. I took my 45 minute lunch break. I walked outside and around to the back of the building where there is a deck with a picnic table overlooking a lake. I sat there for a few minutes and then decided my time would be best spent with the Rosary. I got to nearly the end of the 3rd decade before it started to rain so I had to move from the picnic table and stand under a overhang at the corner of the building to finish the Rosary. When I completed the Rosary I looked at my watch because I only get 45 minutes for a lunch break. My watch said it was 4:13 a.m. That was perfect because it gave me 2 minutes to get back to my job in the computer room. When I got off from work at 8:00 a.m. I went home and S.C.C. was just getting home from dropping C.R.C off at school. S.C.C. asked me to sit down because she wanted to tell me something. I could tell what ever it was seemed very important to her and I could also tell that she was especially happy.

S.C.C. proceeded to tell me about the most wonderful and vivid dream she has ever had in her life. In her dream S.C.C. is standing outside looking up to the star filled universe. S.C.C. remembers saying in her dream I wish I knew what prayer to say. She also remembers holding on to something with both hands for support when suddenly in front of her, in the sky was a large Rosary and standing inside of it was Mary. Marys hands were outstretched and vast amounts of brilliant white light was pouring from her hands and emanating from her body brightly illuminating the Rosary. This scene lasted for a few seconds and then S.C.C. woke up. The first thing S.C.C. saw after she awoke was the digital clock next to the bed. The time was 4:13 a.m., the same exact time I had just finished the Rosary I said during my lunch break.

This dream had a significant effect on S.C.C. which in turn has had a significant effect on our entire family due to S.C.C.s increased desire for prayer, especially the Family Rosary.