S.C.C.’s Rosary Turns Gold

January 12, 2001

Sister Claire Mahoney gave S.C.C. a very nice Rosary as another gift for coming into the Catholic Church. I believe she gave it to S.C.C. the same evening that she gave her the statue of Jesus with the red scapular. That would have been Thursday April 5, 2000. S.C.C. seems to think it was not the same night but within a few weeks either before or after April 5, 2000. In any event it was in the same time frame plus or minus a few weeks. This Rosary is silver in color and has blue beads and is of very high workmanship. Sister Claire got the Rosary at the Padre Pio shrine in Barto, Pa and it was touched to a glove of Padre Pio.

S.C.C. has used this Rosary many times during our family Rosary and so have I and we both know what it looks like. They have always had nothing but silver chain links. On Friday January 12, 2001 S.C.C. took C.R.C. to school when she got there she saw a sign in the parking lot saying there would be a Rosary in the church at 8:15. S.C.C. had her Rosary with her and decided she would stay for it. When S.C.C. walked into the church she saw another woman who had just dropped her child off for school and was leaving. S.C.C. knew her and asked her if she was going to stay for the Rosary. The woman said she was not. S.C.C. talked her into staying for the Rosary and as they were going back into the church they saw another woman who had just dropped her child off for school. S.C.C. asked if she was going to stay for the rosary, and the answer was no. S.C.C. said the thought that ran through her mind at that point was “how sad that there is going to be a Rosary in just a few minutes and people are leaving”. S.C.C. talked this woman into staying for the Rosary as well.

S.C.C. said this made her feel very happy during the Rosary because she knew that these two women would not have been there had she not talked them into staying. After the Rosary, S.C.C. came home and then left for work. Later that afternoon as I was walking through the living room I noticed a glimmer or reflection of light in the corner of my eye, when I turned my head to see what it was I saw S.C.C.’s Rosary on a table next to a statue of The Blessed Mother. The very first thing that I noticed was a bright gold color. I picked up the Rosary and walked outside in the sunlight and indeed the links had a brilliant gold luster to them. The links looked like a gold coin. S.C.C. returned home that evening around 3:30 and I asked her about her day. She told me about the Rosary at church and the women she talked into staying. I handed S.C.C. her Rosary and she immediately noticed they had turned to gold. S.C.C. had the most humble look on her face that I have ever seen and was trying very hard to hold back tears of joy. She was unsuccessful.

This Rosary had been blessed on the altar at Saint Joseph’s by the priest and Our Lady of Emmitsburg on the day Sister Claire gave it to S.C.C..