Grotto at Emmitsburg

October 31, 2000

I originally wrote this shortly after October had come and gone in response to a friends request for a written record of the events of this day and to clarify a hearsay version that was circulating. It is very much like the way I originally wrote it but with some changes that more clearly relay what I perceived to happen that day, in addition many things have happened around the world that clearly can be reconciled with the message of July 13th. With that said I would like to take this opportunity to make a few comments regarding that message to the world through Gianna Talone Sullivan at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

The message said “It was I who requested the conversion of Russia and Holy Saturday devotions. I predicted a future miracle that all might believe, and now as my plan commences, I once again predict a sign for this October”. It does not mention anywhere in this statement what kind of sign this will be or how spectacular it might be. I think our expectations far exceed what we actually deserve. The following week on July 20 the message reads “Be gentle and show acts of love and charity to others or you will not be able to recognize any sign from heaven because of your own pride and arrogance”.

I was at the Grotto in Emmitsburg this past October 31 and I would like to describe to you just exactly what I saw and experienced while there that day.

Ted Szymanski and I have been going to Emmitsburg together each week for the past two years. Ted is the grandfather of Christopher Bray who was healed at Saint Joseph’s back in 1994 of mental retardation as documented in the film Unbridled Mercy. We arrived at the Grotto about 10:30 am. When we arrived I would estimate there were about 75 to 100 people there. As the day progressed I would say the number of people about doubled. John Clote and his film crew from the Mercy Foundation was there and had set up their camera equipment ready to capture on film anything that might happen out of the ordinary. It was a picture perfect day the temperature was about 65, bright sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Shortly after 3 p.m. Ted walked over to me and asked where the rain was coming from, I did not know what he was talking about, a few seconds later I felt several raindrops hit my face and hands but there was no moisture on me whatsoever. Ted was wearing a black water repellent jacket and it was covered with water droplets on the shoulders, sleeves, front and back. I felt a few more raindrops hitting me but I was not getting wet at all. I heard more people say they felt rain hitting them and they were not getting wet either. I looked up to the sky and there was nothing there except sunshine and blue sky.

Ted’s jacket dried and we had no explanation where the rain could have come from. About an hour later this invisible rain started again and I heard other people say they felt the rain hitting them, I also felt it hit my face and hands and then Ted came running over to me and again he was covered with raindrops all over his face and the black jacket he was wearing was once again covered with raindrops. People who were there were dipping their fingers in the water on Ted’s jacket and blessing themselves with it. Ted was not soaked as if he just climbed out of a swimming pool with his clothes on, it was more as if he walked to his mailbox during a steady rain shower would probably be a better description. While this “rain” was falling I experienced the wonderful scent of roses that so often comes out of nowhere at the Grotto and at Saint Joseph’s. As wonderful as this may sound there is also a sad aspect to this and that is people expect to much. We expect so much that we fail to recognize that what we do have is a gift. There were people there including myself who thought there has to be more, this is just the beginning. People were expecting a miracle comparable to Fatima or greater and that just might happen in the future after God has forgiven us for our own “pride and arrogance” but for now as far as a sign for October is concerned you may take your pick of any or all of the October events that took place around the world especially the Consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Consider the unscheduled audience Gianna had with the pope, is that not a sign ?

Mary said “Watch and see” has anybody stopped and considered this past presidential election. What about the Supreme Court ruling that squashed Gore hopes and ensured Bush’s victory that took place on December 12, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the Americas. This nation is now at least on the right track with its leadership. A pro-life president and a president who invites God into his life and the business of this country. This is a complete turnaround from where we have been.

The fact that Ted got rained on under a clear blue sky and the scent of roses swirled around for a few minutes might not be enough to get anyone’s attention except for the people who were right there when it happened, but the world events should. It also became very clear to me on this day that this is FAR from over.