Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church

Wilderness, Va

When this event originally took place I did not associate it with the events in Emmitsburg, but now I do because it stems from the picture of Our Lady of Fatima I took on September 23, 1998 with the Face of Christ in the sun. This is hard for me to put on paper because its hard to describe something to someone when you don’t understand it yourself.

About a year ago or so a Knights of Columbus insurance agent stopped by my house to discuss a policy that I was considering. While the agent was in my house he noticed and commented about the picture I took in Emmitsburg of Our Lady of Fatima. He said it was about the most beautiful picture he had ever seen. I pointed out the side profile of Christ in the burst of light and he saw it right away. He was stunned and almost shaking when his eyes went into sync and he saw the image. I ended up telling him all about the apparitions taking place in Emmitsburg and I gave him a copy of I am Your Jesus of Mercy so he could become familiar with the messages. I also gave him a copy of the picture of Our Lady of Fatima, as he was leaving my house he stopped and asked if it would be possible that he get a 2nd copy of the picture. I gave him another picture.

About 5 or 6 weeks later he returned to my house to deliver the policy I bought from him. After he finished discussing the insurance he changed the discussion to Emmitsburg and said that he was looking forward to making a trip there but it would be very difficult due to illness in his family. As he was leaving my house he asked if I remembered him asking for a 2nd copy of the picture. He then told me it was now hanging in Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in Wilderness, Va which is about 30 miles from my home. He gave me directions to the church that were very easy to follow and I was familiar with the area. He told me to get there, all you have to do is travel east on Rt.3 towards Fredricksburg, Va. at turn left on Ely’s Ford Rd. Go about 1 mile until you reach a fork in the road and St. Patrick’s is on the right. “You can’t miss it”

A few weeks later I had to go to Fredericksburg so I decided I would stop at St. Patrick’s to see my picture hanging in there. When I got to Ely’s Ford Rd. I turned left and went about a mile until I reached the fork in the road. I was surprised when I saw the church that was there and the sign said “MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH” I continued to drive thinking there must be another fork in the road and I will find the Catholic church. When it became obvious that there was not another fork in the road or another church I turned around. When I drove past the church, again I saw the sign that CLEARLY said “MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH” I knew I followed his directions to the letter but just in case I drove around the other roads to make sure. I never saw another church of any kind.

A few months later I ran into the insurance agent at my parish in my hometown and I told him that I was never able to find St. Patrick’s. I told him where I went and told him the only church I saw was a baptist church. He looked at me like I was nuts and told me that he lives in the area and there is NO baptist church in that area.

A few days later I drove down there again to find St. Patrick’s. I drove down Rt. 3, turned left on Ely’s Ford Rd. I went about 1 mile until I got to the fork in the road and there it was ! Saint Patrick’s.

I was shocked to see the same church, EVERYTHING WAS THE SAME EXCEPT THE WORDING ON THE SIGN. The sign now said Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church.

I did not know what to think. I pulled into the parking lot and walked in the church and saw my picture that I took hanging on the wall. My mind was unable to comprehend this because I KNOW WITH 100% CERTAINTY THAT THIS WAS THE VERY SAME CHURCH THAT I FOUND ON MY FIRST TRY THAT SAID “MOUNT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH”

A few weeks later on a Thursday I picked up David G. so we could go to Emmitsburg and he started to tell me something that happened to him that sent a shiver up my spine. David and his mother were driving home and about a mile before you get to their house there is a Baptist church on the right side of the road. David was stunned and saddened when he read their sign in front of the church. David read on the sign “MARY IS A BURDEN THAT GOD NEVER MEANT FOR US TO BEAR” this infuriated David and he asked his mother to turn around so he could read the sign again. When he saw the sign for the second time it said the same thing.

The next day when David rode by the sign again he noticed that the sign now said “WORRY IS A BURDEN THAT GOD NEVER MEANT FOR US TO BEAR” David made the statement “I think satan tricked my eyes” When David told me this story it instantly made me think of St. Patrick’s sign and I wondered if satan was able to trick my eyes into thinking I was looking at a Baptist church knowing that I would not go in.

There is absolutely no possibility that I was looking at the wrong church. I even went as far as driving back down there one day for the sole purpose of driving the roads again and to make sure there was not a Mt. Zion Baptist church anywhere in the area. THE ONLY CHURCH IN THE AREA IS SAINT PATRICK’S CATHOLIC CHURCH.

I have visited St. Patrick’s several times since this happened, it is a wonderful church with daily Rosary and frequent Eucharistic Adoration.


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