March 23, 2000 / March 24, 2000


On March 23, 2000 for the 2nd time I was leading the Rosary from the front of Saint Joseph’s no more than 10 feet in front of Gianna when Mary appeared to her. No human on this earth could possibly fake the child-like joy expressed on her face. No human could possibly withstand the sudden force and at the same time maintain balance that brought Gianna to her knees with the speed of someone looking like they were going through a windshield at the instant Mary appeared. What I saw was humanly and physically impossible. The next 6 to 8 minutes during the apparition was the most peace filled period of time I have ever spent on earth. Mary appeared that evening after the last Hail Mary of the 3rd decade of the Glorious Mysteries. Several parishioners from our parish were in the church that evening.

The following evening, March 24, 2000 I attended the Stations of the Cross at our parish with my family. As we were leaving the church that evening Fr. ___ stopped me and asked me if I would consider a 3 year term as a Eucharistic minister. This was something I did not even have to think about, I said Yes. This opportunity happened exactly 24 hours later, to the minute that I was leading the Rosary during the apparition in Emmitsburg.

Our Lady of Emmitsburg Message
Through Gianna Talone Sullivan
at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Emmitsburg, MD
March 23, 2000

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
Little ones, there is not just one event that will identify you as
a true child of God, because to be a true child of God is outlined in
your way of life. There is no quick remedy to change the effects of
history. The only authentic proof of being a child of God is in the
fruitful actions of love in your life. You cannot convince skeptics to
believe in your ways or that you are from heaven. The most profound
undeniable proof of being from heaven is portrayed in your continuity,
humility, simpleness, purity of heart and actions of love. It is
revealed in the way you live your daily gift of life.
The world today seeks a quick resolution to problems which took
generations to surface. Change takes time because it must first
commence with the change of heart. This is why I have urged you to
begin now and not delay any longer or wait until the end to act upon the
areas which are preventing you from being called a child of God. God
has given to you the signs and proof, but you fail to even recognize His
gift just as people failed to recognize Him as He walked on this earth.
Turn your attention to those who are not looking for power,
prestige, notoriety, fame, attention or material empires. Look at those
who live daily by serving others and who have continuity in their
actions of love and service. Look at the fruits which are ongoing.
Look at those people whose actions of littleness challenge you even if
those actions make you feel uncomfortable. Look at those people whose
ways are simple.
Look and you will find _here_ in this small town where I have come,
the center of My Immaculate Heart, authentic children of God. This is a
community which rises together in hardships and joins in helping one
another as recorded throughout history when sisterhood and brotherhood
laid the foundation of love. This community will continue to rise
together and assist in helping all the many people who will come to
this, My Center of My Immaculate Heart, because they are humble, simple,
loving children of God and their actions of love will embrace and heal
those seeking refuge.
I bless you, little children, with the peace of Jesus and I take
your petitions to Him. Thank you for your response to My call. AD

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