Saturday June 3, 2001

Demonic Dream

On Friday June 2, 2001 I went to bed sometime around 10 PM. That night I had the worst dream I have ever had. I this dream I found myself standing in a pasture with rolling hills. The grass was green and was cut short. I was standing just before the crest of a hill. In this dream I did not see but I was very much aware that children were playing just over the hill where I was standing. I was also aware that C.R.C. was one of the children. I then caught a glimpse of something over my head. I looked up and saw what I instantly knew was satan. This figure was flying over my head about 30 feet. The body was very muscular and was entirely green, the color of grass. It had yellow eyes with black pupils and short curled horns coming from the head.

This hideous creature had very small wings that were a darker color. The wings were very small in proportion to the rest of the body and you would not think they would support flight, but they did. It did not fly with the grace of a bird but more like the sporadic flight of a bat.

Another very prominent feature was the oversize testicles ( bulge ) that was again out of proportion to the rest of the body. As this vile creature flew overhead I was aware that its plan was to snatch the children playing on the other side of the hill that was out of my view. Suddenly it would swoop down and try to grab a child. I remember yelling to warn the children. When it swooped down it did so very much like you would expect to see a hawk swooping down, feet first and wings stretched back to grab its prey with its talons. This happened 3 times and each time it was unsuccessful in snatching a child. At this point I woke up. The vividness of this nightmare made it seem very real.

I got out of bed and walked to the kitchen for a drink of water and the clock on the wall said it was about 10 minutes to 3. I tried to go back to sleep but was unable to do so. I tossed and turned the rest of the night until 5:30 when it was time to get up to go the Saturday daily Mass, Rosary and other devotions at St. Joseph’s in Emmitsburg. After mass, Lenny (don’t know last name) who was a Thursday night usher at St. Joseph’s and is a regular at Sister Genevieve’s on Thursday night stopped me as I was walking out of the church. Lenny is usually a very quiet person and not very talkative. He said he wanted to tell me something that happened to him during the night.

Lenny said St. Joseph’s has 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration on first Friday and Saturday. Lenny had signed up to remain in the church from 2am to 3am. His relief showed up a few minutes early and Lenny left the church about 10 minutes to 3. As Lenny was walking from the church to his car he had only 3 items in his hand, a prayer book, his car keys and his Rosary when suddenly something that he did not see seemed to swoop down and snatched his Rosary right out of his hand. Lenny was frightened and has not seen his Rosary since. This happened to Lenny at St. Joseph’s at the same time I had the nightmare about 10 minutes before 3 in the morning.