Demonic Dream

October 14, 2001

During the early morning hours of October 14th I went to bed and for the 1st time since June 3, 2001 I had another very vivid dream that became an encounter with satan. In this dream I found myself in a large room that reminded me of the lobby of a movie theater. It was filled with many young people in their late teens and early twenties. These people were having a good time, were clean cut and looked like good solid youth. They seemed to not notice that I was in the room with them or perhaps they just did not care because I was not part of whatever they were doing. Suddenly all of these people became very excited and extremely happy about something and I started wondering what made them so happy and joyful so quickly. They all started running past me into another room and I was wondering where they were going. As this stampede of people was moving and shoving there way past me this beautiful girl with blond hair stopped and said ďArenít you coming there is going to be a fight, you donít want to miss this !Ē This made me very sad because I hated to see people become so happy over the thought of being able to watch a fight and witness violence. This seemed to be entertainment for them.

The next scene in the dream I am in the same room where everybody gathered and I suddenly realized that I was one of the combatants that was going to be part of the fight. A door opened and a very ugly creature was standing in a doorway and in a hole. This creature had no human characteristics at all. It had a huge head that resembled a rhinoceros and the mouth of a great white shark with huge jagged teeth. The skin was very thick, gray and bumpy. I instantly knew this to be satan. I told the people standing around to step back because this was evil and they wanted no part of this. Then this creature would open its mouth and snap at me and I would jump back. When it opened its mouth you could see deep down to the bottom of its throat which very clearly showed the fires of hell and lightning bolts shooting from the fire. It would then growl and make a sound like it was vomiting at the same time.

I was not afraid of this creature even though it could have bitten me in half with one bite. Suddenly I hauled off with my left arm and punched it right between its two small, black, beady eyes. When my fist made contact, the texture of its skin was like sandpaper and the punch I landed seemed to have no more effect than if I had punched a brick wall but it had a stunned look on its face, backed off and descended down the hole it was standing in. The young people who were watching the fight declared me the winner and I then woke up.