Our Ladyís Message
for November 1, 2002
The Feast of All Saints
through Gianna Talone Sullivan

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

Little ones, I your Mother of Hope am with you and I give to you today a new commitment, a new love which I have in my heart, which every day is inspired by Jesus my Son. Every day it is a new love. Every day it grows, and grows and grows. So today I give you this new love that it may be in your hearts, and that this love of my Son will also grow and grow in your hearts.

Little ones, it is the new beginning, and we as one in the community are together. I am with you. My Son is with you. All of those in your community are with you. So you must look now to this new beginning. You must forget about the past. You must forgive in the present moment. And you must not think of the future to come.

I love you and I want you to know that together you can all rise to a new level, one of peace, tranquility and unity, to be a model for the world to come, one where great hope, love and charity will flow like the river of the New Jerusalem, the river of milk and honey. There both I and my Son shall be with you, never to leave you alone, but always to guide you.

A time of tribulation has erupted and through this tribulation will come a new peace. Those who have had to suffer will now have a rest and share in the new beginning and wear a crown of peace, no longer a crown of agony. For those who have caused trouble and those who have maligned my Son, you too have a new hope because my Son is all forgiving and He loves you. Thus, there is no guilt or shame that you must wear, but only in your hearts bear a hope for unity and an openness to follow whatever my Son desires in His Holy Will. Together both sides can join now in unity, and with this is tremendous hope for a new peace, a new love, a new beginning, a new world and a new era. You shall be there with all of us, all the saints, all the angels, all of us in this new heaven and new earth.

I bless you and I thank you with all of my heart, my Immaculate Heart and my Sonís Most Sacred Heart. I bless you in His Holy Name. Thank you for your response to my call!