Our Ladyís Message
to the World
through Gianna Sullivan
for Christmas Eve, December 24, 2002

My dear little children, praised be Jesus.

I love you, little ones, and I desire you to not only seek the Truth, but also to know the Truth, to live the Truth in your hearts, to proclaim the Truth on your lips, and to be the shining lights of God, not only in your own hearts, but also in your families, in your communities, and around the world. But you must live the Way of God, not the way of the desires of your own hearts.

When you are corrected, you do not desire to be corrected because of the pain involved. What I most want you to generously receive and know is that as my Son is the Emmanuel, my Son is your Savior. What I desire you to know is that correction develops character, gives you strength and fortitude, perseverance and temperance, and allows you to rise to a new level, one in which you are as the shining star that came with the angels above to announce the Saviorís birth.

With the Birth at Bethlehem came also the Cross at Calvary. With the Cross at Calvary came also the Redemption and the Resurrection at Easter. So you are all together on this journey of Love; and, dear children, I desire with all my heart for you to know that you are safe as you dwell in my Immaculate Heart, but as you dwell there in Love. It is not about who is right as you each seek to have made known your own case. I desire for you to truly join me in prayer and in love at the center, the core of my Immaculate Heart where true Love dwells, my Son Himself.

In an instant of time, in a momentís glance a war would reduce your thoughts and your fears and your angers to nothingness. So why is it now that in this moment of silence you cannot all join in love and peace? Have mercy on my Son who above all has had mercy on you.

Thank you, little ones, for responding to my call.

Brief Reflection on the Christmas Message of our Blessed Mother
Oh, what a beautiful message from our dear Mother! She calls us to live by the Truth, to proclaim the Truth, to be shining lights of God, to accept corrections and to receive Jesus as our Savior.
Our journey of life begins in Bethlehem and ends at Calvary. It is to be a journey of love and prayer, not of contention and pride. We must let silence, peace and mercy rule our hearts.
Please read, re-read, and meditate on these golden words from Heaven.
(Fr. John B. Wang)