Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
to the World
through Gianna Sullivan
for January 12, 2003
The Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord

Praised be Jesus.
My little ones, I am your Mother. In the splendor of Christís Light I
invite you to look to His Light and to be the Light in His Love. This is
the Way of the apostles and the Way of discipleship: to live in the Light
and the Truth and the Love of Christ. Even though it seems that there is
much embarking upon the world, even if it is war indeed, allow me to tell
you that the splendor of Godís Light brings hope; and those who look to a
new tomorrow and those who are disciples of Godís Love will be victorious in
His Light.
However, there is the need to be prudent and wise and to look in prayer and
silence with all simplicity and forgiveness of neighbor toward what the new
world, the new tomorrow will bring. This new era of Christ is one in which
this forgiveness, this love, this gentleness and kindness will flourish.
It seems impossible at this moment because so much evil surrounds you, so
much that will distract you, and because of those around you who wish to
pull you away from the simplicity, kindness and Truth of Godís Love. It is
not very difficult to follow my Son, but it is difficult to make the
decision. When you are enticed and persuaded; when perhaps, in times of
tragedy and enforcement, you feel that you must agree with another force;
then I invite you to stand your ground firmly. Know that We have not
abandoned you, even though you may think and feel We are not there. We have
not abandoned you.
Look to this new tomorrow. Know that it is my Son the Child Jesus who was
borne in my womb in the purity of the Holy Spirit, who was brought forth
into a cradle, who now is the Salvific Savior who was crucified and died on
the Cross for you, and who is again coming forth in this spiritual
Eucharistic reign. In this emergence of Life itself is your safety and your
My dear children, I have mentioned publicly that my daughter (Gianna) would
have a child** the age of seven before the world would know about my
appearances here (Emmitsburg, Maryland). Now it is embarking upon you.
Look to the past and what do you see? You see so much has unfolded that had
been prophesied and what you deem to have been laid out by me in Truth as
words from heaven. But also what you see is great hope. In this hope, I
can tell you, that God is alive, and that all your blessed, beloved ones are
treasured in my Immaculate Heart and dwell within the Sacred Heart of my Son
because I bring them there. Do not give up but look forward in comradery
and in union, and live the justice of God in truth, in peace and in harmony.
I love you. There is no other love that I can give to you but the Love of
my Son which is the Love of the Truth. Thank you, my beloved ones. In the
splendor of Godís grace, as in the Baptism of my Son by John, look for the
replenishment of the fresh waters of God to refresh your souls, to cleanse
you from all iniquities and to lead you on to the only one path. There is
only one Way. There is only one God, and I am His Mother.

(**The daughter of Gianna and Michael Sullivan was born on January 12,
Reflection on the Message Given on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
( January 12, 2003)
Our Heavenly Mother has been communicating with us, through Gianna, for a
number of years now. Our Lady has given us many instructions, admonitions,
and predictions. In this message, She wants us to be aware that many of the
events foretold by Her (including those surrounding Giannaís child) have
already taken place. This is a clear proof of the supernatural origin of the
messages received. She implies that we must have firm hope and trust because
the rest of the prophecies WILL also take place in Godís time. The "New
Tomorrow" WILL come. She and Her Son WILL effect an era of love, of peace,
of light, and of victory. Jesus WILL reign in the Eucharist. These words
inspire confidence. We have nothing to fear, for She tells us that all our
beloved ones are treasured in Her Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of
Her Son. She tells us not to be disheartened by present evil, but to live in
prayerful silence, peaceful simplicity, generous forgiveness, loving
harmony, and baptismal purity.
(Fr. John B. Wang)