Feb 17, 2003


Dear Fr. ___________________ ,

Thank you for the time you spent with me the other day and your honesty regarding your beliefs regarding what I am currently experiencing in my life at this current time. I wish I had a greater understanding of what this is all about and why it is happening to me.

I will be honest by stating that I do not understand it but I am at complete peace when it does happen. The feeling of love, sudden peace and a closeness to God is always the same each time it happens. This never changes, therefore if it happens today I recognize it as being the same as when it happened the last time and the times before that. The circumstances surrounding it are always different but everything else is the same. I hope this makes sense.

I am not trying to convince you that this is really happening. I am trying to understand it myself. I know that it is happening and that it is beyond my ability to understand and control but within my willingness to accept, if it is God’s will. I am also willing to reject it if it is God’s will. I have told God this in prayer everyday and it continues to happen with increasing frequency. Here are a few facts pertaining to this:

1. This never happened before I went to Emmitsburg Maryland.

2. Almost immediately after my first visit to St. Joseph’s on Thursday nights I started to wake up in the middle of the night at 3:33. When I woke up I was praying.

3. It happened so often that I started to pray that I would understand.

4. I landed on page 610 of The Virgin Mary’s messages to Fr. Gobbi which explained that the number 333 was the number of Her Divine Son and broke down what the 1st, 2nd and 3rd three means.

5. I felt compelled to go to St. Joseph’s each Thursday, somehow I was able to make it. I noticed that my arrival was almost always in sync with 33 or 333.

6. I continued to wake up at 3:33 in the mornings, pray and then go back to sleep only to wake up again at whatever hour and 33 minutes and be praying when I woke up.

7. About a year into this the same thing started to happen with the number 13.

8. After arriving at St. Joseph’s so many times in sync with 13, 33 or 333 I knew that it would always happen. It became impossible to not take notice of this. I guess human nature forced me to take note of the time or odometer upon arrival because it happened so many times. Even when I tried not to look I still noticed it. If I resist the urge at certain times to look I then feel compelled to look and it never fails to be 13, 33 or 333.

9. In the papers before Feb 13, 2002 which is the one about taking the letter to Cardinal Keeler the same things with the 13’s and 33’s were happening. I just did not know how to explain or incorporate it into the written description of what had happened so I just left it out. If I went back and rewrote those papers they would all be full of 13s and 33s.

10. If I had not learned to recognize the significance of the 13s and 33s as they relate to my personal experiences in Emmitsburg I would not have gone to St. Joseph’s on the night of June 7/8, 2002 and seen the Face of Jesus in St. Joseph’s church. But I did. The threat of death would not be strong enough for me to back away from this truth.

11. Something can begin in sync with 13 or 33 in Emmitsburg and continue all the way to Medjugorje and back to Emmitsburg and never miss a beat.

12. There is no anxiousness or anxiety when this happens, it is just a peaceful flow from start to finish. The only anxiety or restlessness is when I try to relay it to someone else because I know what they must be thinking. I know my ability to describe it even in writing falls far short of what it is actually like and therefore my description fails and I know it. There are no words in this world that can properly describe the intense sense of peace that always is present when this happens especially in the days leading up to a new message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg. It is a feeling that is not of this world so when it is gone you have the desire for its return. Daily mass helps tremendously.

13. I have lost most of my old friends because of this, I no longer go to any of the Civil War relic shows and seldom go digging for Civil War relics, this used to be a very high priority in my life and now means almost nothing.

14. When the sudden urge and need to go to Emmitsburg strikes accompanied with the 13 and 33s it never fails to be at a convenient time. All obligations and prior commitments have already been taken care of and it always seems to be free time that does not effect my family, job or other commitments. It just always works.

15. My biggest fear is that someday this may stop however if it does I believe that God will give the necessary grace for me to accept the fact that it has stopped just the same as He has given me the grace to accept the fact that it has started.

I could go on and on and on but if I did I would still be here tomorrow writing this and still not be finished so I will just stop at this point. I do not wish to be a burden or cause of concern for you. I understand that you have a job to do and if you do not wish to hear any more just let me know and I will endure this alone.




PS - Yesterday I was snowed in and I got on the internet and just out of curiosity I got on a search engine and typed in “Jesus 333, Significance of the number 333 and 13” and the results came back as a total shock to me. I printed them out for you to see. I have never heard of any of this. I circled what interested me the most in relation to what I have been experiencing but I realize that most of it is just junk and most likely means nothing at all but considering what I have been going through I wanted to share it with you. I looked up the word Gematria in the Catholic Enclycopedia and they did define it but did not go into any detail.