Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
to the World
through Gianna Sullivan

The Vigil of Palm Sunday
April 12, 2003

Praised be Jesus.

Little ones, in this time, the era of the unveiling of my Sons Divine Mercy, I ask you to be alert and to be very cautious never to boast, whether you are right about someone, some issue or some circumstance, or any situation, regardless whether it be personal or worldly, religious or political. It is very important to remain humble. Humility in the eyes of God is critical for any child of God to be raised to a level where he or she can receive tremendous grace and virtues. It is the only way to enter the Kingdom of God.

I must tell you now not to be so certain that you are victorious when it seems like all is going your way. This country still remains in tremendous danger. Please pray, pray, pray. I invite all people to come as necessary and when able to this the Center of my Immaculate Heart. I invite all the people within this community to accept and welcome with open arms any person who desires to come, whether on pilgrimage, or whether seeking private prayer or for other interior incentives. You cannot, children, desire to have peace and then not welcome outsiders. For all are welcome, because this Center of my Immaculate Heart is for all people, not just for any certain race or creed, nor for just those with a certain political preference. It is for all people, ordinary people. Whether poor or wealthy, all are ordinary people in the eyes of my Son; for there is no favoritism in His Love. You are all invited to love one another. You are all seeking to help one another, to be involved with something so that you yourself know that you are contributing works of Mercy and acts of Charity. This too must begin interiorly by how you think of others.

Please know that I love you all. I cannot overemphasize the importance of humility and of not boasting, of not allowing pride to enter into your hearts and minds, of not passing all error off to someone else, and of being open to this the Center of my Immaculate Heart for all peoples of all faiths. Until there is true Peace, real lasting Peace, do not for one instant think you have gained it, because the true lasting Peace can only be given from above. My Sons Peace works through people who are open to accepting other people without feeling invaded. Whether little or great, people, all people are children of God; and all people desire to be loved and to be accepted. Unity begins at home within the family and within the community, and then it spreads throughout the country and to other nations.

I love you and I bless you in the Name of my Son. May the Holy Trinity dwell within your hearts and minds and be spoken of graciously on your lips for all eternity. Thank you for responding to this plea.


(This day, April 12, 2003, marks the 1-year anniversary of the survival of his survival of the extensive aortic dissection of Gianna's husband Dr. Michael Sullivan.)


Reflection for the April 12, 2003 Message

Humility is the foundation for spiritual life. In this message, Blessed Mother repeatedly emphasizes the importance of this virtue. All of us, regardless of status, power or wealth, must remain humble, at every moment, in all situations and circumstances.

As she has in previous messages, Our Lady, again, indicates that Emmitsburg is the Center of her Immaculate Heart and she invites her children to come and pray there. People in this area must welcome outsiders.

For the gift of true peace and unity among all Gods children, we must continue to respond to Our Ladys exhortation: "Please pray, pray, pray."

Fr. John B Wang