Friday April 25, 2003

On Friday March 21, 2003 I was in St. Mary’s in Fairfield and we were praying our weekly rosary. During the rosary I very suddenly felt like we should be in our own parishes during Lent. This feeling was so strong that it forced me to look at my watch and the time was 7:33:33. After this I did not go to Emmitsburg on Fridays again until after Easter except the following 1st Friday when St. Joseph’s was open all night long.

On Friday April 25, 2003 I was planning to go to St. Mary’s to resume praying the weekly rosary for life. Ted always goes with me but did not go this night because he has been so busy moving in with his daughter and was very tired. I was busy at work and did not get off until later than usual. When I got off I left for Emmitsburg alone. It was raining pretty hard and had been doing so most of the day. When I pulled out of the parking lot the odometer was 1.3. Traffic was very heavy and moving slow once you got past Leesburg. I knew that I was going to be late then traffic came to a complete stop. There was an accident about 1/4 mile ahead and from what I could see it looked pretty bad. At this point I gave up all hope of being at the Friday rosary at St. Mary’s.

After sitting still for at least 1/2 hour, traffic started detouring around the accident via a back road. I continued my trip to Emmitsburg. While I was driving I continued to think about the Catholic Review article and it continued to make me feel sad. I then started thinking what an honor it is to feel this sadness. I also realized that there is a price to pay for being so close to such an event as this. When it suffers you are going to suffer along with it to a certain degree. This is a small price to pay and well worth it.

When I arrived in Emmitsburg I knew I had missed most of the rosary at St. Mary’s so I stopped at St. Joseph’s first. It was still raining. I got out of the truck and walked up to the building, I said “Thank You” and kissed the corner of the church. The time was 7:33:13. I then drove over to St. Mary’s and the rosary was over. People were still there and were getting ready to go downstairs to the parish hall for refreshments. I stayed in the church and prayed the rosary alone. When I finished I went downstairs and joined them.

When everybody left I drove over to Sister Genevieve’s to deliver some things I had pickup up for her. She was looking pretty good. While I was there I was suddenly hit very hard with the feeling that I should allow Sister Genevieve to read my letter in its entirety. It was so strong that I knew I had to look at my watch but I resisted because I was afraid of having to let her see it. I looked and the time was 9:13:13. As I went out to the truck to get it I said a quick prayer. “Jesus should I do this?” I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33. I gave it to Sister Genevieve to read. She said she would return it next week and not let anyone else see it. I said OK and left.

I then started driving home but stopped at St. Joseph’s first. It was still raining and I sat in the truck and prayed another rosary and during it I asked God to give me strength to endure what I am going through. There are times of pure joy, peace and happiness and sometimes there are crashing lows that when I really stop to think about it are wonderful gifts that can be offered up to God by my willingness and desire to help reveal the truth about Emmitsburg. When I finished the rosary I drove home and again was delayed by another traffic accident on Rt. 15. The delay was not as long as the other one. When I arrived home and pulled in the driveway the odometer was 13. I glanced at my watch the very instant I walked in the front door. The time was 11:33:00

R_____ C___

May 2, 2003

12:33 Pm