June 12, 2003


Dear Fr. ________,

I would like to take a few minutes to say some things that are constantly on my mind. I have to write them down because I do not have the ability to verbally communicate what I need and want to say. I need to weigh every word to make sure that what I say is really what I want to say and how I want to say it.

This is how I write the papers describing what happens in Emmitsburg. I am very careful of the words I use and how I use them because I do not want there to be any misunderstanding or confusion. I want it to be clear and precise. I do the very best I can. Sometimes its late at night and there are grammar and spelling errors that I discover later but that does not impact what I am saying.

I have found myself in a position (and I did not seek it) to witness with my own eyes the events taking place in Emmitsburg. I know many of the people who are the closest to Gianna and I have seen the genuineness of the love these people extend to others. There are some things that just canít be faked and genuine love is one of them.

I have written down what I have seen and experienced as a result of being present at the apparitions of The Blessed Virgin Mary in Emmitsburg. I am not trying to fool or deceive anybody, I am telling it the way it happened and is currently happening. I love God and His mother very much. The least I can do for them is report what I have seen and experienced in a truthful and accurate manner.

To lie, exaggerate, distort or in any other way portray these events that I have written down in any way other than the truth would be a mortal sin against God of a incomprehensible magnitude. I do not worry about having to be accountable for such a sin because I am telling the truth. If I were on my death bed tonight or 50 years from now, I would have no reason to fear Godís judgment on what I have written. I can stand before Him and truthfully say I did the best I could.

In the last group of papers I gave you, I mentioned that something happened to a family member of a parishioner at the very instant of the apparition on March 23, 2000. I also said that the details could only be revealed if that person should ever decide to do so.

I have thought and prayed about that and because I do not want to hold anything back from you I have revealed it and the identity of the people involved in a separate, sealed envelope. The reason for the sealed envelope is so that you can choose to know or not know and I will not know if you read it or not. I will not even keep a copy in my records and I have deleted it from my computer too.

God Bless,


R_____ C___