Many have written about this and so Fr Wang has provided the following note


A Brief Note on the Ending of Satan's Reign

Fr. John B. Wang, Ph.D., J.U.D.

Over the centuries Satan and his cohorts have invaded much territory, ruined many souls, and done much damage. On July 13, 2000, Our Lady of Emmitsburg said that Satans reign was ending that year and she was moving swiftly on Satan's territory to reclaim all those who were deceived and lost. She said she will slay Satans evil works, rescue her precious Son's children and extinguish Satan's ways forever.

To me, this means that Satan had reached the limit of his power, henceforth, his descent and his decline proceed. Ultimately, Satan will meet his total defeat. Our Holy Mother is, right now, crushing his head. She has complete control of Satan, yet, like the receding tide of the ocean, he causes crashing waves with much turmoil. He is very angry and, acting like a wounded wild animal, is screaming and writhing.

Since Satans reign has ended, many wonder, why is there still so much evil and suffering in the world? Unfortunately, those with evil hearts still follow Satan. People abuse their God-given, free will and, then, sin because of pride, greed, lust, anger, and other vices. Job in Chapter 5, verses 6-7, says it well: "For mischief comes not out of the earth, nor does trouble spring out of the ground; But man himself begets mischief, as sparks fly upward."

The time is coming, very soon I believe, when our Lord Jesus will, personally, intervene in a most special way. God Himself will bring His full Kingdom on earth, inaugurate the Spiritual Springtime, initiate the Eucharistic Reign, and bring about the complete Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. As we wait, we are reminded to pray, pray, pray, to forgive each other and to have faith.