3rd Demonic Dream

July 13, 2003


It all started yesterday on Saturday July 12 when everything under the sun seemed to be going wrong. I attended daily mass at "Parish Church" and then came home and started doing a lot of work around the house. I mowed the grass, weed whacked and finally almost finished sanding and staining the deck along with S.C.C, C.R.C. and a member of S.C.Cís family. Everything seemed to be going alright until this person through the coarse of normal conversation threw in an offending statement about my personal conduct when I told S.C.C I wish I had a beer. It was quickly followed by another rapid fire statement that called into question the conduct of Catholics in general.

We ran out of stain before finishing the deck, the TV got knocked out by lightning, the refrigerator quit working and S.C.Cís car blew a head gasket while driving this person home. The car is most likely, because of its age and miles, beyond repair. We had planned to drive this car to Emmitsburg for the 3rd Mission of Mercy mass the next day at St. Maryís instead of my truck because Jim OíBrien was going to ride back with us for a few days.

S.C.C decided that she would stay home and attend mass at "Parish Church" and C.R.C. and I would go to Emmitsburg because C.R.C. was asked to be altar boy again. Ted was also planning on going with us. This would cause severe space problems with Jim riding home with us.

Later that night after I took a shower I went to bed and for some reason I felt very uneasy. I did not know why but things just did not seem right. During the night I had another one of those dreams that are instantly recognizable as being different from regular dreams. I do not know how to describe the difference other than to say it has a vividness and texture that is unmistakable. Thinking back on them, they always seems to be about 15 seconds long. The same is true for both the good dreams and the bad ones such as this one.

In the dream I am standing in front of my house in my driveway and I see a dark shadow. I looked up and I saw a huge, coal black bat flying away from me at about a 45 degree angle. As it was flying away the wings looked like two large black umbrellas that were swelled with air. The bone structure in the wings were visible and led to small claws at the tips of each wing. The bat suddenly turned around and started swooping down towards me. I got in my truck and rolled up the window. Just as I finished rolling up the window it finished landing right next to me feet first with the wings folding up neatly behind the form of a man who I instantly recognized as being Satan himself. I knew that his intent was to frighten me away from Emmitsburg. I grabbed the rosary that was hanging from the rearview mirror. It fled and I woke up.

In the past when these demonic dreams have happened I have not been able to get back to sleep. Not this time because I simply said a Hail Mary and in prayer told Mary that events such as this will only backfire in Satanís face because it will not scare me away from Emmitsburg. It only gives me that much more determination to see Satan fail. It also gives me a sense of satisfaction to think that Satan deems it necessary to try to scare me away. I know this sounds crazy but it is the only way I can say this and get the point across to a degree that I am satisfied with it.

Later in the morning after S.C.C came home from mass she said. ďI had a bad night last night and could not sleep at all. I donít know what it was but something just seemed to bother me all night long.Ē I could also tell that S.C.C was disappointed about not being able to go to the Mission of Mercy mass. I told her that I would call Jim and explain about the car situation and we would reschedule his visit for another time. S.C.C said no just keep the plans we have already made and let Jim come. I said ok.

C.R.C. and I left and drove to Leesburg and picked up Ted. We then rode in Tedís car to Emmitsburg and went to the Grotto of Lourdes to get a gallon of Grotto water that S.C.C asked us to get. We then rode over to St. Josephís and C.R.C. and I prayed together and Ted was praying from a few pews back. When C.R.C. and I finished saying our prayers we told Ted that we would be waiting for him in the car. Ted shook his head yes. We returned to the car and sat there and waited for Ted. A few minutes later Ted came out of the church, got in the car and we left for St. Maryís. The time on the dash was 1:33. I dropped Ted and C.R.C. off at St. Maryís and went to pick up Sister Genevieve. When I arrived Sister Genevieve said she was not feeling well enough to go. I drove back to St. Maryís and arrived just as everything was starting.

The sequence of the day was the same as always. Dr. Sullivan led the rosary for the first time and Gianna was the lector for the first time. C.R.C. served as altar boy and I led the Chaplet of Divine Mercy again. The church was full. When everything was over we drove back to Jimís and picked up his suitcase and drove back to Leesburg and dropped Ted off. We got back in my truck and drove back to "hometown". I looked at my watch just as I walked in the front door and the time was 8:13:33.

R_____ C___

July 16, 2003

11:13 Pm