Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
to the World
through Gianna Sullivan

July 16, 2003
The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

My dear children, praised be Jesus.

Thank you, my loved ones, for remaining faithful to Gods Word and following Him at all costs. Thank you for responding to my messages and for living them with all of your hearts. Here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart I invite all to come and pray; and I invite you all to be devoted to Jesus in His Most Blessed Sacrament and to receive the graces from Heaven daily and continuously through acts of charity and Love.

At the same time I continue to invite you and encourage you to be strong during this time of trial and tribulation, not only within the Church, but also within your communities and within your own souls. Be strong and have hope, because the evil one desires to deceive you and to draw you away from the Truth of my Son.

My Son dwells within my heart and I dwell within Him. So, too, all of my children are invited to be One with Him. Pray, pray, pray, because there are many who are loved by Him, and who through their own free wills choose to walk away and not listen to Him because they think they know in their hearts what is correct. They do not see that they could definitively choose Him without limits, choose to be free in Him without turmoil. But they choose instead to walk in another direction, often times because of righteousness and because of their own pride. However, there is always hope through prayer and through Love. It is through compassion and works of charity that all will see the Love within you. Moreover, humility is the first virtue that is most often overlooked, and yet it is the most important virtue that needs to be in place and lived in every moment by an authentic child of God.

I love you. I thank you for all of your prayers. I encourage you to continue your walk in faith. Peace can exist, if you allow it, through works of Love, unity and harmony. I bless all of you from here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart where all grace abounds and Mercy flows.

Thank you, my little ones, for responding to my call.


Reflection on the July 16, 2003 Message

From Emmitsburg, our Blessed Mother is, again, blessing us from the Center of her Immaculate Heart where all grace abounds and Mercy flows. She invites us to be intimately united with Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence, to be faithful to God, to live her messages and to be strong during this time of trial and tribulation.

Many people are walking away from God because of their self-righteousness and pride. Humility is a primary virtue. Our Mother tells us it is often overlooked, yet, it needs to be anchored in our hearts and, then, practiced at every moment, by each and every person, regardless of rank or position. We must embrace our Blessed Mothers earnest pleas to respond to every situation with prayer, compassion and love. In doing so, we can cling to hope, for, prayer and the works of Love, unity and harmony lead to Peace. As ever, lets join our Blessed Mother in constant prayer.

Fr. John B. Wang