July 18, 2003

Jim O’Brien. has been visiting here at our house since this past Sunday. On Monday evening we rode over and visited Bob G. Bob was not looking very good that evening but was glad to have us visit him. Bob said that if he was feeling well enough when I took Jim home that he would like to go for the ride. I told Bob that I was planning to take Jim back on Friday but that it might be Thursday. I told Bob that I would give him a call later in the week and let him know when it would be. Bob said either day would be fine with him.

I was pretty busy at work most of the week and decided that it would have to be Friday when I took Jim home. While I was at work on Thursday I suddenly remembered that I told Bob that I would let him know when we were going to ride up. I called Bob and told him that I was planning to take Jim home on Friday after I got off from work. Bob said he wanted to go. I hung up the phone and was instantly hit with that special sense of peace. I looked at my watch and the time was 3:13.

When I woke up Friday morning the first thing that ran through my mind was the fact that we would be riding up to Emmitsburg to take Jim home and that Bob would be riding with us. I looked over at the clock as I was getting out of bed and the time was 7:13.

I went to work in "hometown" and when I took my lunch break I rode to "Parish Church" to pray the rosary. I was not paying any attention to the time but glanced at my watch just as I entered the pew and started the rosary. The time was 12:33.

When I finished all of my work for the day I called S.C.C to see if she would mind driving Jim over to Bob G’s house so we could leave from there since we would need to ride up in Bob’s handicap van. S.C.C said that was no problem. I told S.C.C to leave now because I was ready to go. She said ok I’ll see you at Bob’s in a few minutes. I got up and left work and could not help but notice the time on my computer was 4:13.

I arrived at Bob’s house and he was ready to go except he needed me to get his portable oxygen tanks and put them in the van. As I was doing this S.C.C and C.R.C. arrived with Jim. I helped Bob get in the van and Jim loaded up his stuff and we left. As we were driving to Emmitsburg Bob asked if we could stop at St. Peter’s book store so he could buy a case for his rosary that he received 57 years ago when he was confirmed. I told Bob that we would have plenty of time because they are open until 8 PM.

We arrived in Emmitsburg and stopped at St. Joseph’s first. We pulled up and parked and the time was 7:33. Jim asked why we stopped there because the church would be locked. I just told Jim that I just always stop there first and say a quick prayer even if it is only for a minute. We then rode over to St. Peter’s book store and Bob found a rosary case that he liked. He also got a St. Therese holy water font for Barbara.

We left St. Peter’s and Jim asked if we could stop at the post office for him to pick up his mail before taking him to his house. After picking up the mail we took Jim home. I helped him carry his bags in the house and when I returned to the van the clock on the dash said 8:33. We rode back over to St. Joseph’s and parked. I glanced at my watch and the time was 8:33:13. I asked Bob if he would like to pray the rosary with me and he said yes. We sat in the van and prayed the rosary together.

We finished the rosary and I asked Bob if he would like to pray another one and he said no because he was getting a little tired. We drove back to "hometown" and during the ride home Bob thanked me for everything. He said he never knew he could be so happy since returning to the church. We arrived back at Bob’s house at 11:13. I helped him in the house and then I drove home and pulled in my drive way at 11:33.

R_____ C___

July 23, 2003

12:33:33 Am