Saturday August 9


Sunday August 10, 2003


I have found the best way for me to deal with the things that I have been describing is to just take it one day at a time and not be concerned with tomorrow. Sometimes I just can’t help but to wonder why all of this is happening and what it is leading up to. I have found that after I pray about this I am always more relaxed and at peace when I just place everything in God’s Hands and not worry about it.

Again I suddenly awoke in the middle of the night with the desire to pray. I knew before I even looked at the clock next to the bed that the time would be 13 or 33. I looked over and the time was 3:13. I said a prayer to The Blessed Virgin Mary and afterwards I felt so peaceful that I went right back to sleep. I was only awake long enough to see the time and say a short prayer. When I woke up later in the morning the time on the clock was 7:13.

There was no mass at "Parish Church" so I again went back to sleep for a little while. When I got up S.C.C. and I sat at the kitchen table and talked for a while and drank coffee. She asked me what my plans were for the day and I told her that I did not have any. A little later in the morning I thought about riding to Fredericksburg to see my friend Nicky. I left the house with the intention of going there.

As I was driving towards town I had the very sudden urge to pray the rosary. I pulled into "Parish Church" and glanced at my watch just as I started the Joyful mysteries of the rosary. The time was 11:33.

When I finished the rosary I continued my trip to Nicky’s. Shortly after I started driving I decided that I would call him to make sure he was going to be in his shop. He was not there. At the very instant I hung up the phone I suddenly wanted to go to Emmitsburg to look at a small piece of land that I am considering buying. I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13.

I have absolutely no plans whatsoever of moving to Emmitsburg but I feel very comfortable with the thought of owning a small piece of property for whatever the future may bring.

I started driving to Emmitsburg and I called S.C.C. and asked her to read me the directions to the land. After she gave them to me I continued driving and about 20 miles this side of Emmitsburg on Rt. 15 there was ANOTHER serious car accident. Medivac helicopters were being used in this one also. Traffic was at a complete stop. I noticed that there was a road that turned off to the right about 100 yards ahead and I drove on the shoulder of the road and took the turn.

I managed to get around the accident by using back roads until I eventually found my way back to Rt. 15. When I finally got back on I was only about 5 miles from Emmitsburg. I stopped at St. Joseph’s first and arrived there at 2:33 and the odometer was 13. I prayed the Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries of the rosary that I started at "Parish Church" at 11:33 this morning. When I finished the rosary I returned to my truck and when I started it the time on the dash was 3:13.

I drove out to look at the land and it was nice but I don’t think it is exactly what I had in mind. The road leading up to it is to steep. When I finished looking at the land I drove to the Grotto of Lourdes. When I arrived at the statue of Our Lady of Fatima I sat down on the bench and prayed the last remaining mystery of the rosary. At the very instant I finished the Luminous mysteries I glanced down at my watch and the time was 4:33.

I drove home and went to my sisters house for dinner because some cousins from Norfolk had driven up for the weekend to visit her.

Sunday August 10, 2003

4th Mission of Mercy Mass

I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure out how everyone who wanted to go to Emmitsburg for the 4th Mission of Mercy Mass was going to be able to fit in Bob G’s handicap van. Bob had said that Barbara wanted to go and Cecelia C said weeks ago that she would like to go. S.C.C., C.R.C. and Ted were also planning on going. This presented a problem because there were more people than seats. S.C.C. was a little aggravated at the fact that we had this problem and said she was not going to go.

A few minutes later Bob called and said that Barbara would not be going. We waited for Cecelia but she never arrived so we figured that she changed her mind. After waiting for more than an hour for Cecelia we left without her. We now had exactly enough seats for everybody that was going.

I drove my truck over to my sisters house to pick up C.R.C. because he spent the night over there. He had been asked to serve as altar boy again. I picked up C.R.C. and when we started the truck to leave the time on the dash was 10:13. We drove back home and picked up S.C.C. and drove over to Bob’s house. Barbara had already helped him get in the van and he was ready to go.

We started driving to Emmitsburg and had only been a little ways when S.C.C. asked me if I had turned the stove off. I told her that I had never turned it on so I had not turned if off. S.C.C. then said “I heated some water for coffee and then turned it on low to keep the water hot and I don’t remember turning the stove off.” We drove back to the house and I went in to check the stove. The stove was not on. As we pulled out of the drive way the time was 11:13.

We drove to Leesburg and picked up Ted at Walmart and arrived there at 12:33. After picking up Ted we continued our trip to Emmitsburg and stopped at St. Joseph’s first. We arrived at St. Joseph’s at 1:33. I walked in St. Joseph’s and said a few prayers while everyone else waited in the van. We then rode over to St. Mary’s for the 4th Mission of Mercy Mass that started at 2 PM.

Fr. M___ was not there this time and there was a substitute priest, Fr. Marty Field from St. Joseph’s in Taneytown filling in for him. The other altar boy who was supposed to serve did not show up and that left C.R.C. serving alone. I was again asked to lead the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The church was nearly full but there were not quite as many people as last month.

The rosary started at 2 pm and Larry Mclean led the first decade. Over the years The Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared to Gianna 5 times at St. Joseph’s and once at the Grotto of Lourdes while Larry was leading the rosary. I thought about that just as Larry finished the very last word of his decade. I felt the peace hit me at that very instant and I glanced at my watch. The time was 2:13:33. When the rosary was over I led the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Mass followed the Chaplet.

When mass was over I walked out of the church and the time was 4:13. Like always there were refreshments downstairs in the parish hall. I helped Bob get down there by taking him around to the back of the church and letting him in the back door. Everyone had a very nice time. When everything was over we helped cleanup a little bit. I helped Bob get back into the van. Just as we were pulling out I again felt a very strong sense of peace. I glanced at my watch and the time was 5:13:33.

We drove to the Grotto of Lourdes and arrived there at 5:33. We walked around for a few minutes, got Grotto water and then left. We called Cecelia to find out what happened to her. Her car broke down while driving to our house. We arrived back in "hometown" and took Bob home and helped him get in the house. We then drove home and pulled in our drive way at 8:33.

R_____ C___

August 14, 2003

12:33 Am