August 6, 14-15, 2003

The Assumption of Mary

August 6

Like I have said before, the best way for me to deal with the events that I have been describing is to just take everything one day at a time. I started suspecting that August 15 was going to be special back last week on August 6 when Denise W called and asked if C.R.C. and I could take hers and Matthewís place as Eucharistic minister and altar server on the Feast of the Assumption. I told her that we would be able to do it. Later when I was making a note in the daily journal that I keep stating this, I just happened to glance at my watch as I finished writing it down. The time was 10:33.

August 14

I started the day by attending daily mass at "Parish Church". I started thinking about the fact that this Sunday, August 17 will be the 11th anniversary of C.R.C. getting beat up. During the Prayers of the Faithful I prayed for every child on earth that has or ever will go through this.

After mass I went to work in "hometown" and then needed to go to Manassas. I drove to Manassas and stopped at All Saintís first and prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I glanced at my watch as I finished the prayer and was leaving to go across the street to work. The time was 11:13.

When I got my lunch break I went back to All Saintís to pray the rosary and I just happened to arrive at 12:33. After I prayed the rosary I went back to work. The work I needed to do in Manassas did not take very long so when I finished I left to go back to "hometown" and beat the rush hour. When I started the truck the time on the dash was 2:13. I stopped at All Saintís and prayed another rosary.

Later in the day after I was back at work in "hometown", Roberta Marziani called me to say that Dr. Courtenay Bartholomew had sent another letter to Cardinal Keeler. When we hung up the time was 4:33.

When I got off work I was planning to go pick up Cecelia C and drive her to our house so she can borrow S.C.C.ís old car. I had to get S.C.C. a new car because I donít have confidence in the old one anymore. Ceceliaís car has broken down and she can not get to work without a car so we loaned her the old one. I called Cecelia and told her that she could use S.C.C.ís old car so that she does not get fired from her job. When we hung up I was suddenly filled with peace and the time was 5:33.

When I got off work I rode out to America House and did my Legion of Mary work and then rode over and picked up Cecelia.

When I arrived home with Cecelia my nephew Scott was at my house doing some work for us and when he finished I drove him home in our new car and C.R.C. rode with us. Cecelia was still at the house talking to S.C.C. when we left. After dropping Scott off C.R.C. and I rode home. When we arrived Cecelia was gone.

C.R.C. and I sat in the new car trying to figure out all of the controls on the stereo when all of the sudden I started smelling roses. It caught me completely by surprise. It was so strong and it instantly made me stop everything and want to go to Emmitsburg. C.R.C. made no mention of the roses, I knew it was only happening to me. I sent C.R.C. in the house. The roses continued until I had made a firm decision to make this unexpected trip to Emmitsburg and pray the rosary. While the roses were very strong I looked at my watch but there was nothing unusual about the time. It was about 9:40 PM.

Just at that time S.C.C. came walking outside and said I had a phone call. I walked in the house and took the call. When I finished talking I told S.C.C. what had happened and that I felt compelled to make this sudden trip. There is no mistaking the origin of these roses or confusing them with anything else. They are beyond description.

I left for Emmitsburg driving the new car.

August 15, 2003

I arrived at St. Josephís at 12:13 AM and I prayed the entire rosary. When I finished I pulled out and the odometer switched to 1.3. I drove home and pulled in my driveway at 3:33. I went straight to bed and got up to go to mass and take Denise Wís place as Eucharistic minister. The recessional hymn was #33. After mass we waited for C.R.C. to finish his altar boy duties and then we left the church and the time was 9:33.

R_____ C___

August 19, 2003

9:13 Pm