Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
through Gianna Sullivan
The Feast of the Queenship of Mary

August 22, 2003

Little children, praised be Jesus.

Little ones, I your Mother listen to all the prayers of your hearts; and I take all the prayers of my children and present them to my Son to Whom I direct you. I give all of you to Him. I always direct the way toward my Son.

As you become more grateful and give more praise to my Son, which by right belongs to Him, then the ailments of your souls are lifted, because they no longer dwell only within yourselves but they dwell in Him. As you praise and thank Him, you give great glory to God the Father. The more fully you live your lives in my Son and strive to be all that you have been created to be, then all the more shall holiness be your fruit and great glory shall abound in you. Ponder my purity and what I have given to you by bearing the Word in my womb. My fiat and my continuous joy in my God have protected me, just as your fiat and continuous praise to my Son will protect you.

I can tell you that with the events happening in the world and with all the turmoil within your own very lives, there is coming a refreshing new tomorrow when you can take your pain and sufferings and turn them into joy by reflecting on the Holy Family. Reflect on the Holy Family and ponder the way We lived as We walked the earth. Then thank the undivided Holy Trinity for the ultimate act of Love we lived for you.

As you praise the Holy Family, then you yourselves in your own families will realize that you are not only invited to be holy, but you can be holy. When you focus on the Holy Family, then there is no way or time left to focus on those who do not love you or who are not charitable to you, nor on those who are bitter or angry towards you. But in turn, because of the great glory for my Son in your prayers of thanksgiving to Him, glory then returns back to you threefold. Focusing on the Holy Family protects you with the cloak of my mantle. It inspires you to live fully within my Sons means and through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It invites you to the humility, righteousness, and justice exemplified with great zeal and Love by my beloved Joseph. And it blesses you with the omnipotence of the Child Jesus Whose power and glory reign on this earth and throughout the entire universe. It gives great glory to the incomprehensible Holy Trinity: Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

Then your worldly cares as well as the anxiety and division within your own souls will dissipate. The great grace and fruits of this are found in the fact that as you are self-mortified, you become holy as the Holy Family. You are protected, and you continue to receive even more graces from God Almighty. Darts of bitterness and anger, calumny and slander cannot penetrate to your souls because my mantle covers you like a shield. The shield which you bear is that of Love, and that shield bears the Truth. All your works, whether or not visible through the eyes of humanity, are visible to the Holy Trinity to Whom great glory is given, to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Then that same glory overflows onto your families.

This night I bless you and all my children of the world who have the free will to receive the graces that God gives; and God will continue to give, whether you choose to receive His graces or not. God loves you fully and unconditionally, and will continue to love unconditionally for all eternity. However, it is when you place your own speculation, agendas and expectations on Him that at times you may be let down, because the vision you see is only through your own eyes, and not Gods vision. So thank Him and thank this Holy Family, and you shall be one also; for all are invited to be holy. Salute the Holy Family for the power and Love in which you are invited to share as holy vessels of Love in the Blessed Trinity.

In my lowliness I give glory to God. For all generations shall call me blessed because holy is His Name; and you too are invited to be holy.

Peace to you, and thank you for responding to my call.


Reflection on the August 22, 2003 Message

In this message, our dear Mother asks us to focus on the Holy Family and reflect on how they lived for God and others. The Holy Family is the model of all families. Joseph, the just, loving and righteous man, Mary, the humble and solicitous Mother, and Jesus, the all powerful but obedient Child set the standard for all of us to follow. By contemplating the Holy Family, we will give glory to the Most Holy Trinity, for the Holy Family, in many ways, mirrors the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. Devotion to the Holy Family will bring us unity, protection from worldly anxieties and cares, immunity from bitterness and anger coming from calumny and slander, and graces for our sanctification.

(Fr. John B. Wang)