Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
through Gianna Sullivan
To the World

September 15, 2003

The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

Little children, praised be Jesus. Thank you for focusing on my Son and praying with all your hearts.

I can tell you, my dear ones, that there is not a difference between Church and State. If there were a separation between Church and State, then all the politicians in this country and the leaders in the world would not seek the advice of my most beloved Pope. Dignitaries, diplomats and leaders from many different countries all filter through channels to my most beloved Pope. He makes appeals to them and to the world. He strives for Peace. He challenges people in the world to rise above divisions, wars, conflicts and animosities between groups. If Church and State were different, then the Church would have to be truly and most completely separated from all the political issues in this world today.

This is why my Church is in such turmoil today. My Cardinals, my Bishops, many of my priests, and even the laity are so deeply involved politically; so focused on relationships, administrative and political issues, and career stepping stones; and so intent on being recognized in many ways other than spiritually. The effects of all this have rolled down through the hierarchy of the Church to the local parishes, where many people are suffering because my children desire to be fed the Truth; and what they are receiving is only what is desired within the "self" of each of those in charge rather than what my Son desires to give them.

My most beloved Pope is surrounded by many priests, Bishops, Cardinals and laity who orchestrate his time and who have oftentimes fed him incorrect information. It is not that these priests, Bishops, Cardinals and laity are not good, but rather that they are most intimately preoccupied with both political and administrative issues, as well as many self-satisfying issues.

That is why the 3rd secret that I gave at Fatima told of my most beloved Pope climbing a mountain followed by wolves. It told of the future and what will happen in my Church. It did not end with the Millenium, but is beginning now because of the lack of commitment of many priests, Bishops and Cardinals who have been invited to speak the Truth. My Son sacrificed His Life for you for the Truth. If He did not give you this Truth and invite each of you within the Church to be a voice of His Truth, then His Death would have been an act of vanity; but His Death was not in vain.

I need priests who want to give of themselves and live as did the First Apostle, the First Apostle who became the first Pope, who lived his life for the Truth. He was a Pope who people could approach. He lived for humanity, not for dignitaries and diplomats, nor for political issues. He lived for the depth and breadth and Life of my Son. He even sacrificed his life as did my Son for the Truth.

The Church is in jeopardy today because its vision is being focused in a different direction. The Church will always stand because of my Son, but what is in jeopardy are the souls of many of my priests, my Bishops and my Cardinals who will have to atone and who will be held accountable for misleading the flock.

The 3rd Secret of Fatima is about to unfold. It has not been revealed and understood in its totality as to how it applies to humanity. It deals with the Truth and who shall stand up for the Truth, and how my most beloved Pope is holding up the Truth of my Son while being hit with crashing waves.

Do not be misled. Pray for the Truth. Support your priests in prayer. Be active, giving of yourselves so that my priests can give spiritually and fully to my Son's people and not be caught up in political issues
I love you. I bless you. I thank you for your response.


Reflection on the September 15, 2003 Message

When the third part of the Fatima secret was made public in the year 2000, Vatican officials declared that, "The events to which the third part of the secretof Fatima refers now seem part of the past." On the contrary, as a great surprise, in this message the Mother of God says, clearly and unequivocally, that, "The 3rd secret of Fatima is about to unfold. It has not been revealed and understood in its totality as to how it applies to humanity... It did not end with the millennium, but is beginning now because of the lack of the commitment of many priests, bishops and cardinals who have been invited to speak the Truth."

Our Sorrowful Mother is lamenting the sad fact that many shepherds of the Church have been misleading their flock. Many of those who surround the Holy Father often give him incorrect information; they advance their own agendas. They will be held accountable and will have to atone. The primary concern of the clergy, religious and laity should be spiritual matters, not politics. Our Mother calls us to imitate Jesus and His Apostles.

Our dear Mother also urges close cooperation between Church and State, for there is no difference between these two entities. Church and State must work together to promote peace, unity and spiritual values. Above all, Truth must be sought and defended.

(Fr. John B. Wang)

The attempt to interpret the third part of the secret of Fatima is posted on the official Vatican website. You can reach it via this link: