Saturday September 27, 2003

Sr. Genevieve’s TV

Last night after the rosary at St. Mary’s Dolly K said that Sister Genevieve’s TV was at the rectory and that Sister Genevieve asked if I could bring it to her at the nursing home on my next visit. I told Dolly that I would do it. Dolly said she had the TV stand.

The next morning I attended mass at "Parish Church" and decided that I would take care of the TV today. I left directly after mass and started driving to Emmitsburg. I started thinking that I should call St. Mary’s to make sure someone would be there so I could get the TV. I called and talked to Fr. M__ and he told me that the TV had already been taken to Sr. Genevieve the night before.

We hung up and I realized that there was no longer any real reason for me to go to Emmitsburg and I considered turning around and going home but suddenly I felt the desire to continue and go to St. Joseph’s and pray the rosary. The time on the dash was 9:33.

I arrived in Emmitsburg and went to St. Joseph’s. I looked at my watch as I entered the front door and it was 11:12:33. I entered the pew and glanced at my watch just as I was starting the rosary and the time was 11:13. I prayed the Glorious Mysteries and then left and drove to Dolly’s house to get the TV stand and I was going to take it to Sr. Genevieve but nobody was home.

I thought about going to visit Sr. Genevieve anyway but decided not to. I drove back to St. Joseph’s to finish my rosary. I glanced at my watch as I entered the front door and the time was 12:13:33. I completed the rosary by praying the Joyful, Sorrowful and Light mysteries.

When I finished the rosary I drove home and glanced at my watch as I pulled in my driveway and the time was 3:33:13. Later in the evening I was Eucharistic minister at the 6 PM mass at "Parish Church". Later that night I sat down and wrote the September 19th paper and completed it at 11:13:33.

R_____ C___

Oct. 6, 2003

10:33:33 Pm