6Th Mission of Mercy Mass

12 October 2003

Last week when I took the Eucharist to Bob G he was looking and feeling a little better. It was at that time he asked if I was planning on going to the Mission of Mercy mass at St. Mary’s on the 2nd Sunday. I told him that S.C.C., C.R.C. and myself were planning on going. Bob then said “If you don’t mind Barbara and I would like to go too.” I told Bob that I did not mind.

Later in the week on Friday October 10th I called Bob from work and asked how he was feeling. Bob said he was not feeling well and hoped he would be able to go on Sunday. When we hung up I just happened to notice that the time was 1:33.

Sunday came and when I got out of bed the time just happened to be 7:33. We got ready and we then rode over to get Bob and Barbara. Bob was still getting ready when we arrived. When Bob had finished getting ready he said “Let’s go.” Bob turned on his wheelchair and rolled out the door just as I happened to glance at my watch. The time was 10:13:33.

We rode in Bob’s handicap van to Leesburg to meet up with Ted. Ted already knew that the van was full and would have to follow us to Emmitsburg in his car. We arrived at Walmart at 11:33 and Ted followed us as far as the grotto. We told Ted that we would meet him at St. Mary’s at 2 PM for the Mission of Mercy mass.

We then rode to Gettysburg and stopped at a gift shop that S.C.C. wanted to visit and from there we rode to visit Sr. Genevieve at the nursing home. Sister Genevieve knew we were coming today and called earlier in the week and asked if we would bring her a bag of Butterfinger candy. When we arrived at the nursing home the time was 1:33.

We visited with her for a few minutes and C.R.C. was able to fix a problem she was having with the TV. We gave her the Butterfingers and left to go to St. Mary’s. We were delayed because of construction on a bridge and traffic was reduced down to one lane, one direction at a time. When we finally got through we continued our drive to St. Mary’s and arrived at 2:13.

When we arrived we helped Bob get in the church and the rosary was already in progress. Mass was scheduled to begin after the rosary but was delayed because the organist was running a little late. I had been asked earlier in the week to lead the Chaplet of Divine Mercy which is usually done after mass but was done before mass today while waiting for the organist to arrive. By the time I finished the Chaplet the organist had arrived and mass was able to start. C.R.C. was one of the altar servers.

During Fr. M_’s homily he talked about giving up material possessions and following Jesus which reflected on today’s gospel. It struck me as ironic that it was this very weekend that I sold off the first major piece of my Civil War collection. When I finish selling my collection I plan on buying a 2nd home in the Emmitsburg or Fairfield area. At the very instant Fr. M__ finished his homily I felt that sudden sense of peace, I glanced at my watch and the time was 3:13. Mass continued and when I received Holy Communion I again felt the same sense of peace. I glanced down and the time was 3:33:33.

After mass Fr. M__ requested silence because of 40 hours until reaching the parish hall for refreshments. There was a good crowd there. When everything was over we helped Bob get back in the van. Barbara came out and said she wanted to visit the ladies room. While we were waiting for her I helped Bob Nichols break down and move a table. Barbara came out of the restroom just as Bob and I finished the table. We got in the van and left. The time was 5:13.

We drove to the Grotto of Lourdes and on the way we rode by St. Joseph’s. We did not stop but when we arrived in front of the church the odometer was 3.3. We arrived at the Grotto at 5:33. We walked around the Grotto and Barbara was having a wonderful time. Bob was doing pretty good too. When we left we started driving home and just as we pulled out I just happened to notice the time on the dash was 6:33.

We drove home, helped Bob in the house and pulled in our driveway just at the odometer switched to 1.3

R_____ C___

Oct. 13, 2003