Rosary Procession to St. Joseph’s

October 13, 2003

For the past several years I have been asked to help carry the statue of Our Lady of Fatima in the rosary processions that take place on the 13th of each May and October in Emmitsburg. I am happy to do this and consider it an honor that I do not deserve.

As I pulled out of my driveway to go to daily mass this morning I noticed the odometer was 1.3. I arrived at "Parish Church" and glanced at my watch as I walked in the church. It said XX:XX:13. I ended up being Eucharistic minister and after mass was over I again glanced at my watch as I walked out of the church. It said XX:XX:13.

I started driving to work and about half way there I decided to take a day of my surplus vacation time. I turned around and drove home and pulled in my driveway at 9:13. I had breakfast with S.C.C. and we just had a nice morning. I went down stairs and finished writing the October 12th paper which I started writing last night. When I finished I glanced at my watch and the time was 11:13:33.

C.R.C. was off from school because of Columbus day so he helped me do a few things and he picked up chestnuts in the back yard. Each year he picks up the nuts and sells them to Margaret at Westside Grocery. He picked up 13 pounds this morning.

I was going to ride into town to make copies of the latest batch of papers I have written and C.R.C. rode with me so he could sell his nuts but Margaret was not there. We stopped at the post office and C.R.C. waited in the truck while I made the copies. He was unaware of what I was doing. We rode home and S.C.C. made lunch.

After lunch I left to go to Emmitsburg for the 6:30 rosary procession. I stopped first at "Parish Church" to drop off the papers and when I arrived I glanced at my watch and the time was 3:13:33. I placed the envelope on the table in the ushers room and went inside the church and prayed the Glorious mysteries of the rosary. When I finished and was walking out the door I glanced at my watch and the time was 3:33:13.

I drove over to Bob G's house because he asked if he could go. We rode from there in his handicap van. We drove to Leesburg to meet Ted and another friend, Peter C. We arrived at 5:13. Peter said he needed to take his own car because he was on-call and carrying his work beeper. Ted rode with Peter. They followed behind us and we arrived at St. Joseph’s at 6:13.

Bob and Ted went in the church. Peter said he needed to get something to eat. I walked down the street to the Basilica of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton which is where the rosary procession was to start. Peter showed up just as we were getting ready to go. We processed, reciting the Luminous mysteries. Mick Major and I carried the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. There were about 40 people in the procession in addition to the members of the Armata Bianca.

We arrived at St. Joseph’s and processed with the statue in the church and placed Our Lady in front of the altar. The Miraculous Medal Novena started at 7:30 and was followed by mass. Fr. Steve Triziciski was the celebrant. When mass was over I glanced at my watch as we walked out the door. The time was 8:13.

Everyone was invited over to the parish hall for refreshments and to see a film about Fatima that was presented by visiting members of the America Needs Fatima Foundation. Peter and Ted were not going to stay for the film and asked me if I would drive them back to Peters car that was parked at the Basilica. Bob was already in the parish hall. When we pulled out of St. Joseph’s parking lot the time on the dash was 8:33. I dropped them off and rode back to St. Josephs and finished watching the Fatima film that was already in progress. When the film was over I helped Bob get back in the van and when we pulled out the time on the dash was 9:33.

R_____ C___

Oct. 22, 2003

8:13 Pm