October 6, 2003


Thanks for the information this past Friday regarding the “brothers” and other biological kin to Jesus. I know you are acting in what you truly believe however and please don’t take this the wrong way, but you are absolutely wrong and by placing your faith in a man made, modern new age religion you are placing your soul in tremendous danger.

1. There are as many ways to interpret the bible as there are people reading it, that is why the church explains the bible so there is a solid and agreed upon translation that is used throughout the entire world. You need to remember that the canon of the bible was established by the Catholic Church long, long before there was any separation of the now many Christian branches.

2. The Church was born on Pentecost. Peter was the 1st pope. History and tradition records this fact. There were no other groups who eventually were called Christians who followed Jesus Christ.

3. Christmas is not a pagan holiday. If a special Christian event takes place on what was a pagan holiday it is only because Christianity stamped out and eliminated and replaced the now defunct pagan holiday. Many pagans were converted and whatever they celebrated on these days was replaced with solid Christian tradition completely and forever void of the false worship of false gods that built Paganism.

4. Mary is the Mother of God. There is no getting around this fact. You stated that God existed long before Mary therefore Mary can not possibly be the Mother of God. You are right that God existed long before Mary and that includes the entire Trinity, Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. Jesus always coexisted with His Father and Holy Spirit. He always was and always will be. Therefore it is very important for you to remember that when the Arch Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary at the Annunciation and announced that God had chosen Her to be the Mother of Jesus that at that very instant the Word became Flesh and God dwelt among us. There can be no mistake, Mary is the Mother of God because She gave birth to Jesus who is both True God and True Man. Jesus who always was one in being with the Father is True God because of the 2 natures of Jesus. Jesus is both human and divine, the 2nd person of the Trinity.

To deny the Blessed Virgin Mary the title of “Mother of God” is an insult to the very foundation of Christianity that began when Mary said “Be it done to me according to thy word” Jesus being the 2nd person of the Trinity (God the Son) received His divinity from the 1st person of the Trinity (God the Father) and his humanity (one of us) from Mary His human mother.

5. Mary is no different than any of us except for the fact that because she was to be the Mother of Jesus (God the 2nd person of the Trinity) she was born in the original state of justice that God intended when He created Adam and Eve. In other words she is the Immaculate Conception, born because of her vital role in salvation history without the stain of Original Sin. The Mother of God, The mother of humanity and the mother of us all needed to be completely pure to bring God the Son into this world for our salvation.

Again I mean no disrespect but you most likely being of Polish descent come from a long line of Catholics and the Catholic Church is most likely the church of your family tradition. Please don’t throw that all away.

Your friend,




R_____ C___

Oct. 6, 2003

4:33 Pm