Sister Genevieve

Saturday October 25, 2003

When I got up this morning I had not made any plans for the day. I attended daily mass at "Parish Church" and prayed the Sorrowful mysteries of the rosary after mass. I finished the rosary and glanced at my watch and the time was 9:13. I also glanced at my watch as I walked out of the church and it said XX:XX:33.

I went home and did a few things and then rode back into town to mail off a package of Civil War relics that I have sold to my friend Kenny Copelin who lives in Upton, Kentucky. While I was driving to town I had the desire to go to Emmitsburg but I quickly blocked it out of my mind. Just as I tried to ignore the initial desire a car passed me from the opposite direction with the license plate of 33 and simultaneously the odometer switched to 3.3.

After I mailed the package to Kenny I drove out to Wal Mart and by this time I was again thinking of maybe riding up to Emmitsburg and going to visit Sister Genevieve. She had asked for more Butterfingers the next time I came.

As soon as I walked in Wal Mart the first thing I saw was a candy stand with Butterfingers. I picked up 4 bags and went to the checkout counter. Just as I paid for the candy I glanced at my watch and the time was 1:13:33. At this point I knew I was going.

I left straight from Wal Mart and drove to Emmitsburg. I went to St. Joseph’s first and arrived there at 3:33. I prayed the 3 remaining mysteries of the rosary that I had started at "Parish Church" this morning and by the time I had finished it was nearing time for the 4:30 mass to start. I thought about it for a few minutes and decided to stay. Mass started at 4:33.

The priest was Fr. Steve Trzecieski who like Fr. ___ has a gift for great homilies. After receiving communion I returned to my seat and was again struck with a strong sense of peace. I glanced at my watch and the time was 5:13:33.

After mass Fr. Steve announced that he kept his homily short so everyone would have time to go to the parish hall for a turkey dinner. I did not go to the dinner. It was starting to get a little dark and I wanted to ride over to the Grotto of Lourdes before going to visit Sister Genevieve. I rode to the Grotto and arrived at 5:33 and the odometer was 33.

I just made a quick walk through the Grotto and just as I walked into the Medjugorje shrine I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33. I said a prayer for S.C.C’s dad and left.

As I was driving I was struck with a very strong and peaceful desire to someday return to Medjugorje and again glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13. I continued to drive and at the very instant I passed St. Mary’s I again felt a sudden sense of peace and glanced at my watch and this time it said XX:XX:33.

I continued driving and for some reason I started remembering things about Sister Genevieve. The mental image that was produced in my mind was so strong and clear it was almost like seeing her in St. Joseph’s on Thursday nights and seeing her in healthier days greeting people in the parish hall and handing out information about Our Lady of Emmitsburg. These are wonderful memories that no one can ever take from me. There mine. I glanced at my watch after the mental image had passed from my mind and the time was 6:13:33.

I arrived at the nursing home and knocked on her door. She was asleep in the chair but woke up with the first few taps. The first thing she said was “Sweetheart, I’m so glad to see you, come in”. We talked for a few minutes and she then asked me if I remembered to bring her the Butterfingers. I gave her the 4 bags and the time was 6:33.

I visited with her for about a half hour and then left. I drove back to Emmitsburg on my way home and rode by St. Joseph’s. When I arrived the time on the dash was 7:33. I noticed that the lights were on inside the church so I went in. The only people in the church were Larry McKenna and his kids. They were just leaving so that only left me in the church. I just sat there for a little while.

About 10 or 15 minutes later Fr. O’Brien came in and I felt like I should leave but for some reason I felt a very strong urge to stay. It was so strong that I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33. I stayed and Fr. O’Brien left and came back in the church and walked back to the confessional and got his sweater. It was at this time I asked him if he was ready to lock up the church and he said he was. We said good night and I left.

I drove back to "hometown" and when I got home something felt incomplete. I don’t know how to put it in words other than to say when these things begin you know it and when it stops you know that too. I was home and for some reason I knew there was still something more. A little while later I walked down stairs and turned on the computer. The random background picture that popped up was Our Lady of Emmitsburg. I received an email message that was the message from Our Lady of Medjugorje given earlier in the day. The time was 10:33.

Message of October 25, 2003

"Dear children! I call you anew to consecrate yourselves to my heart and the heart of my Son Jesus. I desire, little children, to lead you all on the way of conversion and holiness. Only in this way, through you, we can lead all the more souls on the way of salvation. Do not delay, little children, but say with all your heart: "I want to help Jesus and Mary that all the more brothers and sisters may come to know the way of holiness." In this way, you will feel the contentment of being friends of Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call."

R_____ C___

Oct. 26, 2003

10:33 Pm