Dr. Courtenay Bartholomew’s Booklet

1st Friday November 7, 2003

At this point I feel like I have relieved a huge burden by openly discussing everything with S.C.C. It was never my intention to fall behind in keeping her up to date but somehow that happened and as fast and frequently as things happen, it was easy to do.

S.C.C said she would like to take a vacation and she said she would like to go back to Medjugorje. We are leaving on December 26th and will return on January 4th. Because of the Christmas and New Years holiday C.R.C will only miss 1 day of school. It is very likely that Ted Szymanski, Peter C and Roberta Marziani will be going with us.

A few days ago I received an email from Jennifer White asking if I would be at St. Joseph’s for First Friday adoration on November 7th and if so could I take her place from 10 to 11 PM. I told Jennifer that I would take her place. It is my intention to stop going to Emmitsburg on Friday nights to make a better balance but not on First Fridays and not when that special, unmistakable, interior desire strikes out of the blue and I suddenly know its time to go. My family does not have a problem with this.

When I woke up this morning the first thing I saw was the clock next to the bed. The time was 5:13. I thought about it being First Friday and that I would be going to St. Joseph’s tonight for adoration. I then went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

S.C.C, C.R.C and myself attended daily mass at St. John’s because it was parent / teacher conference day. C.R.C seems to be doing good in school. After the conference I was driving back to "hometown" to go to work when suddenly a very strong thought ran through my mind about going back to Medjugorje. It was so strong and clear that I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13.

I worked in "hometown" all day and when I took my lunch break I rode to "Parish Church" to pray the rosary. When I finished the rosary I looked at my watch as I was leaving the church to go back to work and the time was 1:33.

I was not very busy the rest of the day and sometimes I have to wonder how I have managed to keep my job throughout the multiple rounds of lay-offs and firings that have been rampant at SWIFT for the past few years. I could not begin to know how many times this has run through my mind and then instantly know that Mary is helping me keep my job, at least for now and suddenly feel compelled to glance at my watch only to be hit with another 13, 33 or 333.

I got off work and was leaving to go to Emmitsburg for First Friday and just as I was pulling out of the parking lot I was completely and suddenly filled with a peaceful joy that was triggered by a sudden out of nowhere thought of going back to Medjugorje and that this next trip would be a turning point of this entire experience I have been going through. At that very instant a car turned in front of me with the license plate of 13, the clock on the dash switched to 5:13 and the odometer switched to 1.3.

I had driven as far as Warrenton when my phone rang and it was mine and Ted’s friend Peter C. Peter wanted to know if I was going to the rosary at St. Mary’s tonight. I told him that I was going and was already in Warrenton. I also told him that I would be late getting to St. Mary’s because I wanted to stop at St. Peter’s Book Store to pick up some copies of Dr. Courtenay Bartholomew’s new booklet about Emmitsburg.

Peter said he wanted to go and would meet me at Wal Mart in Leesburg. Again at the very instant we hung up I felt that sudden peace and glanced at my watch but there was nothing. I glanced at the trip meter on the dash and again nothing. It was still so strong that I pushed the button that changes the trip meter back to the odometer and there it was. It said 13.

When I arrived at Wal Mart Peter was already there. We rode to Emmitsburg and stopped at St. Peter’s Books first before they closed . Karen Warden was there and gave Peter and I several copies of Dr. Bartholomew’s booklet. There was no charge because Karen said Dr. Bartholomew said to give them away for free.

We then left to go to St. Mary’s but since it was on the way we stopped first at St. Joseph’s. When we arrived the time was 7:13 and the odometer was 1.3. We saw Raymond Sanders walking down the sidewalk and invited him to go to St. Mary’s with us. Ray joined us.

When we arrived at St. Mary’s the rosary was almost over. They started early for some reason. When we walked in Ray Hennessee told us to take the last 2 decades of the Glorious Mysteries which were coming right up. At the very instant we entered our pew it was time to start the next decade. I did the Assumption and again at the very instant I started I felt the peacefulness that made me glance at my watch at the very instant I said the first word of the first prayer. The time was 7:33.

After the rosary Brother Robert and Brother Frank talked to Peter about the Missioniaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary because Peter is considering a late vocation to the priesthood. Peter is 45. When they finished talking we went to get something to eat before having to be at St. Joseph’s for me to fill in for adoration for Jennifer White at 10 PM.

We rode to Stavros restaurant which is walking distance from St. Joseph’s. After we finished eating we went in St. Joseph’s for adoration. While sitting before the Blessed Sacrament I read Dr. Bartholomew’s booklet cover to cover. While sitting there I also told God in prayer that in my heart I am willing to continue for however long He wants me to. At the same time I told him that my common sense tells me that this can not go on forever. I prayed for His will.

I then prayed the rosary and at the very instant I finished Peter asked me if I was ready to go. I said yes and looked at my watch for the first time since entering St. Joseph’s. The time was 11:13. I dropped Peter off at Wal Mart in Leesburg and then drove the rest of the way home. I pulled in my drive way at 1:33.

R_____ C___

Nov. 9, 2003

12:33 Am