7th Mission of Mercy Mass

St. Mary’s November 9, 2003

My biggest consolation and the source of my strength to continue is the truth. I fully realize that what I have written in these papers over the past 5 years is hard to believe but because it is the truth I am not afraid. I will never have to hide from my written, eyewitness accounts of the events in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Never.

About 2 weeks ago S.C.C said she wanted to go to the next Mission of Mercy mass at St. Mary’s. She also said she wanted to go to St. Peter’s Books to find a gift for our nephew Erik, for his upcoming confirmation.

The 2nd Sunday of the month arrived and S.C.C said she and C.R.C would meet me after CCD at her mothers house to go to Emmitsburg at 10:45. When I arrived they were not there yet so I waited. After about 10 minutes they showed up. S.C.C’s cousin Harvey showed up about the same time. Harvey asked for a ride to his fathers house which is a few miles down Rt. 522. We gave Harvey the ride and after dropping him off we were officially on our way to Emmitsburg. The time was 11:13.

We drove to Leesburg to meet up with Ted and Peter because they were going too. We met at Wal Mart and Ted rode with Peter. We arrived in Emmitsburg and stopped first at St. Joseph’s. I walked up to the front door of St. Joseph’s and glanced at my watch at the very instant I opened the front door. The time was 1:33:00. I stopped at the 2nd set of doors because I could see Fr. O’Brien was performing a baptism. I did not want to disturb that so I did not go any further. I turned around and glanced at my watch at the very instant I walked out of the church and the time was 1:33:13.

We then rode down the street to St. Peter’s Books and S.C.C found a confirmation gift for Erik. We talked to Peter Blanchard who is the owner of the book store for a few minutes and then left for St. Mary’s. Peter said he would see us there.

We arrived at St. Mary’s and as we were walking towards the church we ran into Gianna Sullivan in the parking lot. Gianna walked over to me and gave me a hug. Gianna then asked me “Robert, are you doing alright ?” Gianna asked me this question in a concerned tone as if she knew I was experiencing something very difficult. I don’t know this for sure but that was the strong feeling I was left with after she asked. I told Gianna I was doing OK.

We went in the church and mass got a late start because of confessions. Fr. M__ was not there this month and Fr. Peter Ryan S.J. from Mount St. Mary’s took his place. C.R.C was the altar server and I did the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. When mass was over there was a dinner in the parish hall. When we were leaving somebody stopped me to ask a few questions about Civil War relics. This delayed our departure by about 10 minutes. When we left I looked at my watch as we were pulling out of the parking lot and the time was 5:33.

We drove back to "hometown" and when we pulled in the driveway we suddenly remembered that my truck was parked at S.C.C’s mothers house. We had to ride back in town to get it. We then drove back to our house and pulled in the driveway and the time was 8:13.

R_____ C___

Nov. 10, 2003

11:33 Pm