December 21, 2003

Last night when I finished writing the paper about Sr. Genevieve’s birthday I was not very tired and decided that I would pray the rosary. I sat in the living room and prayed the Glorious mysteries. While I was praying the rosary I started thinking about our trip to Medjugorje this coming Friday. I also started thinking about the need to pray to help avoid the sure occurrences of events that always seem to threaten the trip there. Before I finished the rosary I had decided that I would go to Emmitsburg in the morning. I finished the rosary and the time was 12:13.

I went to bed and when I got up I had every intention of going to Emmitsburg at some point today to pray for our upcoming trip to Medjugorje. When I got dressed I was thinking about this and when I put on my watch the time was 8:33.

I had the entire day because we had already been to mass last night, there was no CCD and I had already taken the Eucharist to Bob G and Agnes C yesterday. After breakfast I left to go to Emmitsburg. I was driving through Warrenton when suddenly I thought that I was supposed to be Eucharistic minister at either the 8:30 or 11 AM mass. I could not remember checking the schedule. Either way it was to late to do anything about it because the 8:30 mass was over and there was not enough time to get back to "hometown" for the 11 AM mass.

At this point I thought my trip to Emmitsburg was ruined because I did not know for sure where I was supposed to be. I wanted to call S.C.C. and have her check the schedule but I did not have my cell phone with me. I stopped at the Crown gas station and called home and S.C.C. checked the schedule and confirmed that I was not scheduled for either mass. At that very instant that special peaceful feeling struck, I glanced at my watch as I continued my trip to Emmitsburg and it said XX:XX:33.

I arrived in Emmitsburg and rode to St. Joseph’s first but I did not go in because the 12 noon mass was still in progress so I rode to the Grotto of Lourdes. I walked through the Grotto and when I arrived at the Lourdes shrine I stopped and prayed the Joyful mysteries of the rosary. When I completed the rosary I glanced at my watch and the time was 1:13.

I then continued my walk through the Grotto and when I arrived at the Fatima shrine I stopped and prayed the Sorrowful mysteries of the rosary. While praying the rosary I noticed there was broken glass on the ground. When I finished the rosary I picked up the glass and put it in the trash before leaving to go back to St. Joseph’s. I drove back to St. Joseph’s and when I arrived the odometer was 13.

When I walked in the church I noticed there was a new booklet outlining the different parish ministries, I picked up a copy to read. The only other person in the church when I arrived was Fr. Steve Trzecieski and he asked about Ted. I entered the pew and started to glance through the pages of the booklet and noticed there was a page dedicated to the Armata Bianca. I read that page and then continued skimming through the rest of the booklet.

When I finished I went back to the Armata Bianca page for some reason and it was then that I was suddenly filled with an extremely strong sense of peace. I then noticed the page number was 13 and instantly I felt the urgent need and desire to pray another rosary for our upcoming trip to Medjugorje. At that very instant I knew to look at my watch and the time was 2:13.

I prayed the Glorious mysteries of the rosary and when I finished I got up to leave and go home. I looked at my watch as I walked out of the church and the time was 2:33:33.

I started driving home and about halfway there I started thinking about Bob G. The thoughts about Bob were very sudden and strong. It made me want to go visit him before going home. It was so sudden and strong that I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

I arrived in "hometown" and went directly to the Health Care Center and visited Bob. He looked bad. When I left I felt the strong desire to stop by "Parish Church" and complete the last part of the rosary before going home for Bob. I arrived at "Parish Church" at 5:13 and prayed the Luminous mysteries and completed it and walked out of the church at 5:33.

R_____ C___

Dec. 21, 2003

11:33:13 Pm