Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To the World
through Gianna Sullivan

January 1, 2004

The Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

Mother of God

Little children, praised be Jesus.

Little ones, I am your Mother, and I am humbled to receive and to accept this most gracious blessing to be proclaimed the Mother of God for this next year. For this I bow in humility at the throne of Almighty God Who has done wondrous things for me. Holy is His Name.

As a humble Mother, I also invite you to look forward to a new tomorrow. In this new tomorrow I encourage you to look to my Son in the Most Holy Eucharist. This Eucharistic Reign is one in which my Son comes to you. Without Him you are nothing. It is one in which my Son should be in the tabernacles in all the churches and schools in the world, in as many places as possible; because He shall enrich you and give you the insight and prudence and wisdom to carry on.

I am not asking you to follow me. I am asking you to follow my Son. If you follow my Son, thinking that you do not need my assistance as a Mother; then, if you are a priest, I would suggest to you that every day you do the sacrificial offering of the Holy Mass, you should do it as if it were your last. O' how much you should focus on Him. If you as religious or laity do not desire my words or my presence which have been given to you from God above, then I would ask you to read the Holy Scriptures. Ponder His words and live them so fully in your lives that you can love and forgive both your neighbors and your enemies as if they were to be the ones to rescue you during your times of greatest difficulty and suffering, suffering even unto death.

If you think that you are all-knowing in regards to me and believe that I the Blessed Mother of God should come to another country rather than a country of such opportunity and power as yours, then I would have you look at those other countries. See how they have suffered; and see, even with my presence, which countries have and have not responded to my call. Learn from those people who have welcomed me and have received the opportunities, blessings, and safety I have brought with me even in times of suffering and war.

The grace is that I am here. The grace is that my Son has deemed this place to be the Center of my Immaculate Heart. Whether you desire that or not, I am not leaving because my Son is all-giving and all-loving; and as a Mother I know what is right for my children. I shall fight the evil that is being waged against all of you, my beloved ones; and I shall draw you into my most precious mantle where you shall be safe. A Mother cannot leave her children.

It is not about what you may think is right or wrong. It is not about what you believe or what you do not believe. It is about what is the Truth, and the Truth has been established for you over the last fourteen years of my appearances to my child. You should be grateful that as a Mother I am here, blessed and graced from God above, and that I proclaim to be His humble servant and invite each of you to be one also.

The lowly shall be lifted. It is now the new tomorrow. Do not look to the past, but live the now. Do you not see how loved you are? You can pass off the signs of the times and the man-made catastrophic events, but you cannot pass off what is from God. God allows things to happen, and all things are possible with God. The most precious gift you have is my Son in the Most Blessed and Holy Eucharist, and I His Mother am right by His side.

From my womb I gave birth to Him. In my womb I still hold the treasures of your holiness and glory in His Holy Name; and I provide a place for all children to seek refuge, to be safe, to be free, and to be most wise.

Peace to you. The blessings of God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, of Whom I am a most grateful handmaid and servant, are upon you.

Follow my Son. He thirsts for you.


Reflection on the January 1, 2004 Message

At the beginning of this new year, the Virgin Mary, again, clearly reiterates that the most precious gift for us is her Son in the Holy Eucharist and Our Mother is, always and forever, by His side. The Eucharistic Lord must be enthroned, adored and worshiped in every church and school in the world, in as many places as possible. Each and every Holy Sacrifice must be offered and attended with faith, devotion and reverence by both clergy and laity. The future belongs to the Eucharistic Reign of the Child Jesus, for by His Eucharistic Power, the world will be sanctified and transformed.

As the Mother of God, the holiest, wisest and most loving Mother of all mothers, Mary knows what is best for her children. She spares no effort in exhorting, guiding and protecting us. Again and again, she appears with words of wisdom. In this message, she specifically indicates the importance of Emmitsburg as the Center of her Immaculate Heart. Among other things, she states, "The grace is that I am here. The grace is that my Son has deemed this place to be the Center of my Immaculate Heart. Whether you desire that or not, I am not leaving... A Mother cannot leave her children." This is TRUTH.

I believe our response must be filled with submission, obedience, acceptance, gratitude, trust, faith, love, GREAT HOPE, and joy. May the name of the Lord be praised! May the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary triumph soon! (Fr. John B. Wang)