Bob G___

Eulogy February 23, 2004

I first met Bob G in 1978 when I went to work in the computer room at CCA. It was at that time I first came to know other members of the G___ family who also worked there, D___, J____ and K____.

Bob was a manager in the data processing department who always made sure that everything needed to get the job done was in place. During periods of heavy workload Bob would walk up to somebody (often times me) and say “This is your lucky day because I have just scheduled you to work overtime the entire weekend.” He would laugh and then ask “How will you ever spend all that money?”

Bob had a sense of humor that made him a delight to work with and work for. He was a good boss. The best I have ever had. I want to thank Bob for helping me get started with my computer training and the time he spent with me.

It has been 25 years since we worked together at CCA. It was 25 years ago SWIFT came to "hometown" and Bob interviewed with them. He came back to work the next day and told me that SWIFT was going to call me because he recommended me to them during his interview. SWIFT called right while we were still talking about it and it turned out that I was hired.

About a week into my employment at SWIFT I returned to CCA with no plans to go back to SWIFT. I felt like a fish out of water because the technology there was far beyond my level of knowledge. I was scared and I felt secure in my knowledge at CCA.

When Bob heard that I had returned to CCA he took me outside and gave me a lesson in growing up that I will never forget. He talked to me like a stern parent and sent me back to SWIFT and I am still there today. Thanks to Bob.

Bob was also a friend of my father and was scheduled to talk to him about a job at the Federal Reserve Bank on the day my father died March 17, 1980. Bob called the Federal Reserve to confirm his 2PM appointment with my father only to be told he had died suddenly a few hours earlier. Bob has told me many times how much he thought of my father. My father had a lot of respect for Bob too.

Many years passed and except for occasionally running into Bob in town I did not see him again until shortly after Wal Mart opened. It was there I first saw Bob in a wheel chair.

After that I did not see Bob again until 2001 while visiting my father in-law at the Health Care Center. Bob was in the room across the hall from Susan’s dad. We rekindled our friendship and talked about old times. It was then that I made a point to stop by and see Bob each time I visited Susan’s dad.

On each visit we talked about many things but the topic that interested Bob the most was my return to God and when, where and how that took place. Over a period of time we discussed this in depth. One day jokingly but at the same time with a sense of intense seriousness he said something that only someone who had known me for a very long time would be able to say. He said “I would like to return to God and now I know I can because if He will take you back He will take anybody, even me”.

From that day onward there was no turning back for Bob. Bob placed his sights on the lasting Kingdom of God and never took them off. He followed the tender, loving direction laid down by The Blessed Virgin Mary who only points the way to Her Divine Son, Jesus.

It was not an easy road for Bob. Bob suffered a great deal during the last months of his life here on earth. His body became weaker but his faith grew stronger. This was evident to everyone near him during this time. Bob’s life became one of intense prayer, praying continuously and out loud even when the slightest effort caused physical pain. The highlight of each day for Bob was receiving the Eucharist. Bob had a positive impact on everyone around him. On the morning Bob died one of the nurses said to me that she had never seen anyone like Bob. She then said “It’s because of him that I believe in God again”.

R_____ C___

February 23, 2004

8:33:00 Am