Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To the World
through Gianna Sullivan
February 25, 2004

Ash Wednesday

My dear little children, praised be Jesus

Praise God, little ones. Praise God. Continually thank Him with all your hearts for His great Love for you. The more you praise God, the more sin is destroyed.

You will become more like my Son, holy and wise. To be holy and wise, you must be dependent, innocent and confident little children; dependent on my Son, innocent as a little child, pure of heart and confident in His Divine Mercy and unconditional Love for you.

My Son suffered for you to overcome humanity's resistance through its sin. People do not like to suffer and will oftentimes attempt to run away and not accept their suffering or pain. Yet, my Son accepted all of that suffering for you. He makes everything NEW. You are imperfect because of the act of original sin, but my Son cleanses and renews you through His Love and Paschal suffering. He will make you holy and wise if you desire to be holy and wise.

Songs of praise and thanksgiving will bring about the destruction of sin. As sin is destroyed, each of you is renewed, just as a newborn child, totally dependent, innocent and pure. Be confident little children, and praise God. Praise God.

Thank you for responding to my call.

This message was given to Gianna Sullivan on February 19, 2004, at a public Marian Prayer Group in St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Phoenix, AZ, in conjunction with the communal Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Our Lady's apparition, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, a Eucharistic Healing Service and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. In attendance were 3 priests, 3 deacons, and some 350 people.

(There are no restrictions imposed upon either Gianna Sullivan and/or Our Lady of Emmitsburg in regards to participating in such celebrations of Marian and Eucharistic Devotion and the Sacred Liturgy on Church property outside of the Diocese of Baltimore.)


Reflection on the Feb. 19, 2004 Message

Once again, the Seat of Wisdom has given us invaluable advice: we must embrace the cross in our lives as we are cleansed, transformed and renewed in Jesusí Paschal suffering, for He, alone, is our Redeemer. From Jesusí suffering, flows Divine Mercy and infinite, absolute Love for each of us.

Our Mother further exhorts us to be as pure, innocent and totally dependent upon God, as a newborn babe, for, only such people can see God. In our earnest desire, expressed in prayer and effort, to be holy, little, simple, pure, innocent, dependent, and wise, Jesus will make us holy and wise, if we surrender to Him.

Another jewel of wisdom, from Our Lady of Emmitsburg, in this message, is to, continually, give praise and thanks to God, with all our hearts, for His Love and Mercy endures forever. Let us cling to this profound reminder: as we sing Godís praises and bless His Holy Name, sin is destroyed! We must praise and thank Him in joy and in sorrow, in what He gives us and in what He takes away, in ALL things, great and small. Let us meditate on these precious words as we ask Our Lady of Emmitsburg, the epitome of wisdom and holiness in all of Godís creation, to lead us to her Son on our Lenten journey.

(Fr. John B. Wang)