March 30, 2004

Dear Fr. O’Malley,

Thank you for speaking with me the other night after the Miraculous Medal Novena. Because you are the new pastor of St. Joseph’s , I feel it is my duty to give you this document which I have written describing the events at St. Joseph’s over the past 5 ˝ years.

I am not looking for anything whatsoever for myself other than to know that I have done everything within my ability to respond to the many graces that I have received as a result of being a member of the Thursday Night Prayer Group.

I fully realize that many of the things I have described in these papers do not seem possible. I would not be wasting my time or yours if what I have written were not true.

I am sure Our Lady is appearing to Gianna Sullivan. I do not believe that what I have written in these pages could be possible is She were not.

This is a very difficult but rewarding time in my life.

Thank you and God Bless you,


R_____ C___