Legion of Mary Acies at "Parish Church"

Saturday March 27, 2004

I have never mentioned this in the past but after today I realize that I need to write this paper and include it as part of my Emmitsburg experience because it is related and ties together perfectly.

There is so much of this entire experience that I have never written down. There are other parts that I did write down but it never made it past the daily journal notes that I keep. A lot of this relates to the Legion of Mary.

I will just say here that when I do the Legion of Mary work and attend the meetings it is not at all uncommon for me to experience many special moments that are exactly what I experience in Emmitsburg. They are always in sync with 13 or 33 after the hour or minute.

Today we had the Acies at "Parish Church" for all of the local presidiums and it was scheduled to begin at 1 PM. I was sitting at home when I very suddenly thought I should get moving and get ready to go there. I glanced at my watch when the thought hit. It said XX:XX:13. A few minutes later the same thing happened and again I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

I finished getting ready and drove to "Parish Church". When I arrived the clock on the dash was 12:33 and the odometer was 1.3. The feeling of peace was very strong. I helped set up tables in the parish hall and set up the stands for the banners in the church.

The Acies were a few minutes late getting started and Fr. John Morel was the presiding priest. The rosary was first and at the very instant it started I again felt the sudden surge of peace run through me. I glanced at my watch and the time was 1:13:00.

After the rosary Fr. John gave a very nice talk about the Legion of Mary and told of some of his past experiences with the Legion. That was followed by Benediction. At the very instant Fr. John raised the monstrance I was hit very hard with the same feeling of peace I first came to know at St. Joseph’s in Emmitsburg. I knew to glance at my watch and the time was 2:13:13.

Following the Acies ceremony there was a very nice dinner in the parish hall. When that was over I helped clean up before leaving for home. I had lost all track of time. When I arrived home I glanced at my watch at the very instant the truck came to a complete stop and the time was 3:33:00.

R_____ C___

March 30, 2004

10:33 Pm