We Have Officially Bought a House near Emmitsburg

Monday March 29, 2004

When Ray Hennessey showed us the house that both S.C.C. and I liked everything just fell together in perfect synchronization and came together like clockwork. I have already described this in the past few papers.

After the owner accepted our counter offer there was still one remaining obstacle and that was the fact that there was already an existing contract on the house we wanted to buy, contingent on the buyers selling there house.

In the event another buyer such as us comes along the seller has the right to accept another offer. In such a case the people who placed the 1st contract by law have 48 hours to close the deal otherwise there contract expires and the new contract takes effect. This was our situation and today was the day we would officially find out if we could buy the house.

The day started and I drove to "Parish Church" for daily mass. I glanced at my watch as I arrived and it said XX:XX:33. After mass I went to work in "hometown". I was fairly busy most of the morning. When I finished my morning work I took a break and was going to catch up my daily journal from yesterday. I then realized that it was in my truck. I walked out and got it and came back to my desk. At the very instant I started to write I was struck with the sudden sense of peace. I glanced at my watch and the time was 11:13:59.

Later I took my lunch break and when I finished eating I drove to Our Lady of the Blue Ridge to pray the rosary. When I arrived the time on the dash was 12:13. I glanced at my watch at the very instant the truck came to a complete stop and it said 12:13:59. I prayed the Sorrowful rosary and when I finished the time was 12:33.

While driving back to work I was struck with a very strong sudden thought that it was God’s will that we move to Emmitsburg. At that very instant I noticed the odometer was 1.3. A few minutes later the same thing happened and it said 3.3.

When I returned to work I was fairly busy again for a few hours. The phone on my desk rang and I noticed the caller id displayed a Pennsylvania area code so I instantly knew it was Ray Hennessey calling to tell me if we officially had the house. I took a deep breath and glanced at my watch as I picked up the phone and it said XX:XX:13(3:24:13). It was Ray and we did get the house. Ray said he would give me a copy of the contract at the Miraculous Medal Novena at St. Joseph’s tonight. A few minutes after we hung up a very strong feeling of peace hit me again and I knew to glance at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

S.C.C.’s cousin Harvey who fell out of the tree only pulled some mussels and in addition to some outside work is painting the inside of our house. Rather than take everything down for painting and then have to put it all back up only to have to take it all back down again to move in a few months, Phil C said we could start bringing things up now and just store it in his basement.

S.C.C. liked this idea and already had boxes packed for me to take up tonight when I go to the Miraculous Medal Novena. When I left work to go home and get them I glanced at my watch and the time was 4:33. After I picked up the boxes I stopped at 7-11 to get gas. The pump stopped at $14.33 and at that very instant I noticed the time was 5:13.

I drove to Leesburg to pick up Ted at Wal Mart. When I arrived the odometer was 3.3. Ted offered to take his car but because of the boxes we went in my truck. When we pulled out from Wal Mart the time on the dash was 6:33. We drove to Emmitsburg and arrived at St. Joseph’s. I looked at my watch as we walked in the front door and the time was 7:33.

Fr. O’Malley who is the new pastor was the celebrant. During the mass that follows the Miraculous Medal novena I was suddenly struck with a strong sense of peace two times. Both times it caused me to glance at my watch. The first time it said XX:XX:13 and the 2nd time it said XX:XX:33.

When mass was over I met up with Ray Hennessey and he gave me a copy of the new contract on the house. We stood outside for a little while talking and a few other people joined us. I was not paying any attention to the time. When Ted and I returned to my truck to go home I started it and the time on the dash was 8:12. A split second later Fr. O’ Malley walked directly in front of my truck. I was suddenly struck with a very sudden desire to get out and tell him that I wanted to give him a copy of my complete testimony. At that very instant the clock switched to 8:13.

I got out of my truck and stopped him and told him that I wanted to give it to him if it was alright. I told him I would stop by the rectory and give a copy of it to him very soon. He said it would be alright. I got back in my truck and the time on the dash was still 8:13.

Ted and I then drove to Phil’s house and dropped off the boxes. We then left for home. As we rode by St. Joseph’s I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13. I drove back to Leesburg and dropped Ted off and then I drove home. When I arrived home I sat in my driveway and finished writing today’s journal entry. I then walked in the house and at that very instant I felt the feeling of peace run through me. I glanced at my watch and the time was 12:13.

R_____ C___

April 5, 2004

12:13 Am