Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
to the World
through Gianna Sullivan
May 13, 2004
The Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

Little children, praised be Jesus.

Little ones, please keep your eyes focused on my Son. Whatever you do in
your daily lives, surround your itineraries with His Mercy. Focus on
Him. Dawn shall come, and evening shall follow; but no man in humanity
knows the time when God will come as your Glorified Savior and Just Judge.

It is so important now not to lose your focus, not to lose your hope, and
to realize all the ways that I have told you that Jesus my Son, your
Savior, is now among you as He promised to be. This era is an era of the
Eucharistic Reign, foretold by me and by my Son (April 29, 2003**), and
ushered in by the Child Jesus, hidden in all His innocence and humility,
drawing and inviting you to dependency, hope, littleness, and childlike
ways, so that you can enjoy the freedom that belongs to you through
the Salvific Act of my Son on Calvary.

This is a far cry from the Final Judgment. This is a rejuvenation period
where you can mend in your lives, because of the graciousness of my Son,
those areas that are broken. The balm of purity which first came from
His Heart, His lips, and His glorious eyes, and which then poured forth
from His Sacred Wounds, is now yours to dress and mend your wounds.

I take all of your petitions. I am with you. My Son is there with
you. We are together because I cannot be where He is not. What a blessing
and grace have been bestowed upon you, and how We desire you to abound in
that grace and glorify His Holy Name through your good works, through your
love and through your charity towards others.

I love you, children. My Son loves you. Please look to Him. Focus.
Focus. Study. Absorb the Word of God. Read, listen and watch how the
Goodness of God prevails.

Peace to you. Thank you, my little ones, for your response.

**(April 29, 2003: Our Lord appeared to Gianna as the Sacred Heart and
gave the following message to Gianna and Michael Sullivan.)

Private Message from Our Lord
to Gianna & Michael Sullivan
April 29, 2003
The Feast of St. Catherine of Sienna

Little ones, My Peace I give to you.

I am your Lord, your Savior, Who suffered and died not for one but for
all. Know I am with you. Know I see the heaviness in your hearts and your
pain, which I have shared with you. That pain is My pain. It is the same
pain, the pain of betrayal, the pain of ridicule and persecution from all
the people who intended to slay My Soul through words of slander, through
spittle, and through abuse and through the bruises on My Body. It is a
pain that can never be relieved, because it is My pain which I carry for
all of humanity, for those who walk away from My Word and My Truth, for
those who are lukewarm, for those who do not even desire to know Me, and
for those who think they know Me so well but do not.

You know My Father because you know Me. I can tell you that I came into
the world for a Mission, one of salvation. You came into the world for a
mission, one of My Mercy. Your mission is for the entire Church, and it is
also for world peace. I have told you that you hold the key to the Kingdom
for all children. Humanity does not realize the importance of
children. Because they do not understand the gift of the life of a child
and the gift of My Death for all children, gifts in which all people are
called to share, they cannot realize the return of the Child in My Most
Sacred Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist.

Your mission will be fulfilled, and I bless you in it so that it will be
completed, so that Mother Church will once again be safe and
strong. Receive the blessing of My Mercy. Do not allow anyone to enter
your souls and your hearts to harm you or cause you doubt. Only allow My
Mother and Me, the Holy Spirit and My Father into the chambers of your
souls. Those who love Me genuinely will then come to you through Me.

We are embarking now on the new beginning, the first phase of the unveiling
of My Divine Mercy. When humanity realizes the trouble in the world, they
will look for My Mercy. They will realize that they are prisoners to a few
people who control their lives through power, and through materialistic and
monetary means, both in the Church and in the world. People will come to
look for Me, and I will reveal the Truth and ratify My prophets. Never
again then shall you suffer, but all shall know the Truth of the Child, the
Omnipotence of the Child, the Joy of the Child, the Wisdom of the Child,
and the security within the Child.

Receive My blessing in the Name of My Father, in My Name, and in the Name
of the Holy Spirit, the Triune God wherein you dwell.

Reflection on the May 13, 2004 Message

These two messages center on the Eucharistic Reign of the Child Jesus. As
we reflect on these words, I would like to quote from an article I wrote a
year, or so, ago: "The Blessed Sacrament will be a tremendous source of
energy, transforming us to be like Jesus in humility, purity and innocence.
We will be pure, like a child and like Jesus, Who always retained His
child-like purity. The Eucharistic Jesus will, abundantly, nourish our
minds, our souls and our hearts with many graces and gifts. He will free us
from every form of physical, spiritual and moral slavery... He will release
His Eucharistic power to purify, sanctify, heal, strengthen, illuminate,
nourish, guide, unite and bind us."
Let us cling to Jesus' words in the April 29, 2003 message: "When humanity
realizes the trouble in the world, they will look for My Mercy... I will
reveal the Truth and ratify My prophets. Never again, then, shall you
suffer, but all shall know the Truth of the Child, the Omnipotence of the
Child, the Joy of the Child, the Wisdom of the Child and the security
within the Child.

These promises WILL be realized, so let us pray, unceasingly, as we wait in
joyful hope!

Fr. John B. Wang