Saturday - Sunday May 29, 30

Pentecost Sunday

There are very few people that I come in contact with that know much, if anything at all about what I have been through as a result of being present on Thursday’s during the apparitions of Our Lady in Emmitsburg. It is just not something I feel I should talk about with just anybody. There are some people I have shared a little with and there are a few I have shared a lot.

One of the parishioners of "Parish Church" that I have been more open with is my Legion of Mary co-worker,  Mary G. Over the years she and I have developed a trust with each other that allows a less restrictive conversation on this subject and others.

A while back she asked if she could go with me on a Monday night to the Miraculous Medal Novena because she wanted to pray for a personal problem that now involves the police. I took her and it was not long after that she wanted to go back.

Each year Karen and Mick Major host a Pentecost party at their farm near Emmitsburg. This party is regularly attended my many members of the Thursday Night Prayer Group including priest and nuns. Since Mary_ had recently asked to go back to Emmitsburg I invited her to go to the party with me and my family. She said she would love to go and this is how it went.

Saturday Evening

May 29th

Sister Genevieve called and asked that we stop at the Mountain Gate Restaurant and pick up some cole slaw for the party. A little while later the phone rang and it was Mary calling to confirm our trip to Emmitsburg tomorrow. The time was 9:33.

Sunday May 30th

When I got up this morning one of the first things that ran through my mind was the fact that Mary would be going to the Pentecost Party in Emmitsburg with us. I glanced at my watch as this thought hit me and it said XX:XX:33.

S.C.C. and C.R.C. finished getting ready and we left to go pick up Mary at her office. When we picked Mary up the first thing she asked was “Where will we be going to mass”? We told Mary that we had already been to mass yesterday evening at "Parish Church". Mary then said “I thought we would be going to mass in Emmitsburg”. I told Mary that we could drop her off at the Basilica and she could go to the 1 PM mass there.

About half way to Emmitsburg I very suddenly remembered there was a 12 noon mass at St. Joseph’s and I suggested that she go to that. I told Mary that while she was at mass we could back track a few miles and pick up Sr. Genevieve’s cole slaw at the Mountain Gate Restaurant and pick up Sr. Genevieve at St. Catherine’s. Mary said that was fine with her. We arrived at St. Joseph’s and I glanced at my watch and the time was 12:13. Mary got out of the car and at that very instant the clock on the dash switched to 12:13.

S.C.C., C.R.C. and myself drove back to the Mountain Gate Restaurant to pick up the cole slaw and then we drove to St. Catherine’s and picked up Sr. Genevieve. When we arrived Sr. Genevieve was already sitting in her wheel chair down in the lobby waiting for us. S.C.C. and I helped Sr. Genevieve in the car and then we drove back to St. Joseph’s to pick up Mary. When we arrived back at St. Joseph’s the odometer was 3.3.

We then drove to Karen and Mick Major’s farm and attended the annual Pentecost Party. It was a very nice party and 2 priest attended. Fr. George Restrepo S.J. was there and led the prayer portion of the party which began at 3:33 in the afternoon. During this prayer session we prayed the rosary for the United States and all the people in it.

Later in the afternoon S.C.C. said she was ready to leave. We helped Sr. Genevieve back in the car and drove her back to St. Catherine’s. S.C.C. and I took her back to her room and after we got her settled in we left. I glanced at my watch as we walked out of her room and the time was 6:33.

We rode to Carrol Valley and Fairfield and showed Mary our new house. We gave her a short tour of the area. We then left to go home. On the way home we stopped at St. Joseph’s and pulled up to the front. Suddenly the very strong sense of peace hit me very hard. I glanced down and the time on the dash was 7:13. I said a quick prayer of thanks and we left to go home. We arrived back in "hometown" and dropped Mary off at her car and the time was 10:13.

R_____ C___

June 9, 2004

11:33 PM