14th Mission of Mercy Mass

July 11, 2004

Over the past week we have made many trips back and forth in the process of moving. For the most part things have run smoothly except for the night of July 4th when Susan slipped and broke her foot. She originally thought she sprained it but when it got worse the next day I suggested that we go to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital that afternoon at 5:13 and she was treated and released and we left at 8:13.

David G was originally scheduled to help his father build a fence and needed be available for that. Just when I thought I did not have anymore help moving David called and said the fence job had been postponed until next month. David then said he was still available to help us move.

Over the next several days David and I completed the majority of the heavy moving work using a U-Haul and my truck. With every trip we made our arrival at both locations was perfectly timed so that we arrived at either 13 or 33 minutes after the hour no matter what delays or obstacles we encountered. It was unbelievable. I will not try to describe every trip so I will just write about our trip today.

Susan’s foot is a lot better and she is able to get around on it now. She and I rode back to "hometown" last night to bring another load of things to the new house. David and Christopher stayed at the new house. We told them that we would be back in time for the Mission of Mercy Mass at St. Mary’s which starts at 2:00. I told Christopher to be ready by the time we got back because he was the altar server.

Susan and I got up this morning and I looked at my watch and the time was 6:33. We loaded the truck and when we finally finished we pulled out of the driveway to go back to the new house. I glanced at my watch as we pulled out and it said 10:13:00. We drove to Emmitsburg and rode by St. Joseph’s but did not stop because the 12 noon mass was in progress. When we arrived the odometer was 1.3 and the time was 12:33.

We drove to the new house and David, Christopher and myself unloaded the truck. After we finished unloading we all got ready for the Mission of Mercy mass and when we arrived and pulled in St. Mary’s parking lot the odometer was 1.3.

The Mission of Mercy Prayer Service started at 2:00 with the Glorious rosary and mass started immediately after the rosary. After mass Fr. M______ placed the Blessed Sacrament on the altar and the special Mission of Mercy prayer list was read by Br. Frank Myers. One of the prayers was for the safe trip of Gianna and Michael Sullivan who have traveled to Fatima.

After Br. Frank completed the prayers Jim O’Brien immediately started the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. At that very instant the feeling of peace hit me and I glanced down at my watch and the time was 3:33. Benediction followed the Chaplet and the prayer service ended.. We went downstairs and when everything was over we left to go back to the house. I started the truck and the time on the dash was 5:13.

Jim O’Brien rode over to the house with us. Later David and I got ready to ride back to "hometown" so we can bring up another load tomorrow morning. When we left Jim rode with us and we dropped him off at his house which is very close to St. Joseph’s. David and I then rode by St. Joseph’s on the way home and arrived there at 7:33.

On the way home we stopped at Wal Mart in Leesburg to get printer ink and we met more delays because of the paving of Rt. 15. David and I arrived back at the house and pulled in the driveway just at the very instant the clock on the dash switched to 10:13.

R_____ C___

July 12, 2004

9:33 Am