Private Message from Our Lady

through Gianna Sullivan

Missoula, Montana, June 27, 2004


My Dear Little Children, praised be Jesus.

Thank you for your love and your prayers. Peace to you. I, your Mother, take your petitions to my Most Beloved Son.

You are holy because you give yourself, unconditionally, to God Who is Holy and, so, you are holy because the Kingdom of God is yours.

Beloved Ones, in your turmoil and pain, God takes, heals, prunes, mends, resurrects and changes all within and all that is external to make one union with God Most Holy, Most Beautiful, Most Complete.

I love you and I thank you. I bless you, My Most Beloved Priest, and all of you who bow, most humbly, to the Throne of God. For this, you shall be rewarded IF you continue to walk the Way of God. The road is narrow but we are there guiding you and accepting you as you cross the finish line. The reception of God is immense.

Peace to you. Godís blessing upon you, My Loved Ones.

Thank you.