Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
to the World
through Gianna Sullivan
July 13, 2004

Little children, praised be Jesus.

Little ones, it is my joy to come to you and give you the blessings of God
the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. As the Mother of God, I
thank you for being present and praying most devoutly and fervently. I
take all your petitions and intentions to my Son's Most Sacred Heart.

Know that the Holy Spirit will guide you in all of your daily activities
and endeavors. The most important thing that you can do is to continue to
pray, to be humble, to study the Word of God, and to remain faithful at all
costs. Regardless of all the other traumatic things happening in the
world; whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual; whether those
happenings be related to wars or personal hardships; leave all of those
things to God. Pray for peace and remain faithful.

I have told you so often that this is a walk of faith, and faith is so
pertinent to bring about change in the world. You need to be faithful, and
all in this world need to be walking by faith.

I continue to be here with you, and I continue to draw you into my most
Immaculate Heart. You must continue on and must strive to be faithful,
humble, loving and committed children. You must be devoted to peace, peace
within your own hearts and your families, within your neighborhoods and
your communities, and within the world. I invite the leaders of the world
to join together in peace; and I invite you, my little children, to pray
for all the leaders of the world.

God is good. He is your God. Let us place in the proper order Who is in
authority and Who shall govern the world. It is the Almighty. And you,
regardless of position, faith, title, vocation or profession; yes, it is
you who must bow humbly to God.

I encourage and invite you. I am here to prepare you and to bring you
closer to my Son. Peace to you. Thank you for responding to this call.


Reflection on the July 13, 2004 Message

The Mother of God comes, joyfully, to bring us blessings from each Person
of the Trinity and to thank us for our ardent, heartfelt prayers. She,
again, urges us to pray, be lowly, embrace the Word of God through studying
and remain loyal, regardless of any difficulty involved . She urges us to
be trustful in Divine Providence, in all circumstances, no matter the depth
of challenging problem, for God is Almighty and is ALWAYS in command.

Our Mother exhorts us to be committed to peace in every aspect of our
lives. She, particularly, asks us to pray for world leaders, that they may
join together in peace. It is God our Sovereign Lord Who, truly, governs
the world and every human, regardless of his or her position, faith, title
or profession, must bow before Him in submission.

(Fr. John B. Wang)