First Public Apparition of Our Lady Since September 7, 2000

Feast of the Assumption

August 15, 2004

I first learned that there would be a special event taking place on August 15th several weeks ago after coming out of Saturday morning mass at St. Joseph’s in Emmitsburg. Karen Major stopped me and told me that there would be a special mass at St. Joseph’s in Taneytown for the Feast of the Assumption. She also told me that after the mass there would be a rosary and Gianna and Mike Sullivan would be there to answer questions about their recent trip to Fatima at her farm in Taneytown.

Word got around very fast and it soon became obvious that this event would attract a large number of people. There was never any mention whatsoever that Our Lady would appear however people considered it very likely. Karen asked if I would be available to help out with the preparations that needed to be made and I said yes.

Friday August 13

Karen called me on my cell phone while I was at work in Manassas. I missed the call because the phone was in my car. When I left for my lunch break to go pray the rosary at All Saints I noticed she had called. I tried to call her back but did not get through. I went to All Saints and glanced at my watch just as I arrived and the time was 11:33:33.

I prayed the Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries and when I finished the time was 12:13. I got in my car to go back to work and just as the car moved the odometer switched to 33.3. At the very instant I returned to work and the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 13.

I sat in the car and called Karen back and this time I got through. She asked if I could stop by her house tonight to discuss some of the preparations that needed to be made. I said yes. I walked back in the building and was going to go to the cafeteria to get a sandwich to take back to my desk when I suddenly thought I should fast in preparation for the possibility that Our Lady would come on Sunday. It was so strong that it stopped me in my tracks and I knew to glance at my watch. It said XX:XX:13.

When I got off work I drove back to Emmitsburg and when I got there I saw Jim O’Brien sitting on his front porch. I asked him if he would like to ride over to Karen and Mick’s with me. Jim got in the car and went. When we arrived and just as the car came to a complete stop the CD counter flashed either 13 or 33. I do not remember for sure which one it was.

We were not sure of how to proceed with our preparations because of the threat of very bad weather on Sunday because of two hurricanes that was supposed to cause very heavy rains in the area. We left very unsure of what to do but I had a very sudden feeling that all would be ok just as we were leaving. Again it was so strong I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13.

Saturday August 14

When I got up this morning I rode back to Karen and Mick’s and we met with the people who rented us the open sided tents that were going to be used on Sunday. We decided not to erect them yet because the weather forecast called for high winds and torrential rains tonight. Karen gave me a list of things that needed to be done and throughout the day I completed them. Upon completion of each task I was suddenly hit with the peaceful feeling. Each time I glanced at my watch and each time it said XX:XX:13.

I stopped at St. Joseph’s to pray a rosary and just as I arrived the CD counter said 3:33. I went in the church and prayed the Glorious rosary and when I finished I left. I started the car to leave and again the CD counter flashed 3:33.

Later I drove to the Grotto of Lourdes to go to the 12 noon mass in the glass chapel. When I got there I was surprised to find that the mass was Eastern Byzantine Orthodox. This was the first Eastern mass I ever saw. It is very similar and at the same time very different. Everything is sung and the parts of the mass are in a different order. Communion was offered in both Eastern and Roman. I received Roman and it was at that time I felt the peaceful feeling. I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

After the mass was over I walked to the spring and got water. I then walked up to the statue of Our Lady of Fatima and had the sudden urge to pray the rosary for tomorrows events. I looked at my watch and the time was 1:13. I prayed the Joyful rosary and when I finished I got in my car to leave. I started the car and the clock on the dash said 1:33. I glanced at my watch and it said 1:33:13.

Later in the day I drove over to Phil C’s house to pick up a stand that will be used to place Gianna’s statue of Our Lady of Fatima that she just got while in Fatima. C.R.C. and I drove it over to Karen and Mick’s. We had to pass St. Joseph’s on the way so we stopped for just a minute to say a short prayer. We arrived there and the time on the dash was 5:13. We left and drove the stand for Gianna’s statue to Karen’s and arrived there at 5:33. We unloaded the stand and took care of some other things that needed to be done. When we finished we drove home and pulled in our driveway and the time on the dash was 6:33.

Later in the evening Sister Genevieve called and said she would not be able to go because of problems she was having with her foot. The time was 8:33. The phone rang an hour later and it was somebody asking directions to St. Joseph’s in Taneytown. I gave the directions and at the very instant we hung up I felt the peace. I glanced at my watch and the time was 9:33. At that very instant the phone rang again (1 second after I had just hung up) and it was David G saying he was going to ride up with my mother, sister and nephews. The time was still 9:33. A little later I sat down and wrote the August 6 paper and finished it at 11:33.

Assumption Sunday August 15

I have been in formation for over a year to enter the Lay Missionaries of Charity 3rd Order and today is the day I take my vows. Others will renew their vows. This took place at St. Mary’s at the 8 AM mass. After the homily Fr. Messaro called us by name to come to the altar to take or renew the vows of the LMC. We each signed them on the altar and when dismissed returned to our seats. At the very instant I returned to my seat and sat down I was suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of peace. I knew to glance at my watch and the time was 8:33:00.

When it came time to kneel for the Consecration the peace hit again. I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33 and a few minutes later when it came time to kneel again the same thing happened. I glanced and this time it said XX:XX:13. After mass the LMC had a breakfast in the parish hall. When that was over we left. As I was leaving the church I again felt the peace and I knew the day was just beginning. I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13.

We went home and loaded up my truck with things Karen and Mick asked us to bring to the rosary this afternoon such as a table, lanterns and other things. It was a very busy morning and when we finished loading the truck we left. On the way we stopped at St. Joseph’s and when we arrived the time on the dash was 12:33. We did not go in because the noon mass was still in progress.

We arrived at Karen and Mick’s and by now just about everything was ready for the large crowd of people who would arrive after the 5 PM mass at St. Joseph’s in Taneytown which is only about 5 minutes away. A little while later I talked to my sister on the phone and she was just arriving in Emmitsburg. I told her I would meet her at St. Joseph’s and we would ride out so they could see our new house. We met at St. Joseph’s and they followed us to the house. We pulled in the driveway and the time on the dash was 2:13.

After showing the house to my mother, sister and nephews (David had already seen it) we left to go back to Karen and Mick’s. On the way we stopped and picked up Jim O’Brien and when we arrived at his house the odometer was 13.

We arrived back at the Major’s farm and it was at that time Phil C asked me to help with parking control at St. Joseph’s in Taneytown. We arrived at St. Joseph’s and I helped with the parking. Cars were just pouring in. Since Phil and I had already been to mass he suggested that after the homily we leave and go back to the farm to help direct parking there.

Mass started at 5 PM and Fr. George Restrepo SJ was the main celebrant. Fr. Al Pehrsson CM gave the homily. There was another priest con celebrating the mass but I did not know him. Fr. Mennig CM was also present. The church was jammed packed and there were not enough seats for everyone. This was my first time in St. Joseph’s in Taneytown.

Phil and I stood at the back of the church next to the door so we could leave after the homily. I hated the thought of leaving but I knew we had to because there was work that had to be done.

Starting with the first reading which was from Revelations I was suddenly filled with peace. The kind of peace that is impossible for me to describe. While I was standing there halos of light formed around the heads of the statues of Mary on the left side of the church and St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus on the right side.

The halos were brilliant and they lasted for a long time. Suddenly the halo around the head of the Child Jesus in Joseph’s arms became 3 dimensional and formed an ellipse over His head. While looking at this I suddenly knew I was supposed to include this in my written description of the day. That feeling was so sudden and strong I knew to glance at my watch but I hesitated. I then looked and it said XX:XX:33.

Fr. Al’s homily ended and Phil and I left and went back to the farm. After mass priest and people came to the farm to hear Gianna and Mike Sullivan give a talk about the trip to Fatima. Hundreds of people came and I would estimate it to be at least 300 or more. The hurricanes had changed direction and the weather was absolutely perfect.

Gianna and Mike arrived and the talk started with Jim O’Brien chanting the Chapelett of Divine Mercy. The Chapelett was followed by the rosary and I was very surprised when asked to lead the first decade. The 2nd decade was led by one of the Daughers of Charity and the 3rd was led by Catherine Major. The 4th decade was led by one of the Daughters of Charity who originally founded the Thursday Night Prayer Group. It was during this decade that Our Lady suddenly appeared to Gianna. We had just finished the 8th Hail Mary.

Because I had the 1st decade I was up front near Gianna at the time Our Lady came and it started exactly as I have seen it happen before. Then I saw something I have never seen before. When the Blessed Virgin Mary started giving Gianna the public message I could very clearly tell that Our Lady would speak and Gianna would listen. Gianna would then repeat what Our Lady had just said into a recorder that was held by her daughter. Mike held a microphone up to Gianna so everybody could hear the message as Our Lady was giving it. The experience was unbelievable .

When the apparition was over the rosary continued and Fr. Mennig had the 5th decade. A little later Gianna and Mike talked about the Fatima trip and answered questions. That was followed by a covered dish dinner that was very good. It got dark and my sister said she needed me to lead her back to Emmitsburg or she would get lost going home. I lead her back to Emmitsburg and we then continued our ride back to hour house and we pulled in our driveway and the time on the dash was 10:33.

R_____ C___

August 17, 2004

8:13 Pm