Private Message from Our Lady
through Gianna Sullivan
October 2, 2004
The Feast of the Guardian Angels

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, I will never abandon you. My Son will never abandon
you. We love you and We are here with you always, to be by you, to
guide you, and to grace you with so many blessings.

I myself, as your Mother, invite you to pray for all the children of
the world, those children who suffer tremendously, those little ones
who are at the hands of other people's mercy and who are victims in
the world, those whose lives are taken from them. Pray, little
ones, pray with all your hearts, because Peace can happen in this
world. Peace can be attained; but first, peace must happen within
your own hearts, within your families, and then in the world.

You must join together and fight this evil that is threatening the
destruction of life, the life of humanity. A life that is taken is
a life that is no longer allowed, especially in this world, not the
world of God the Father, but in the world as you know it.

Listen to all the little creatures. Listen to them and see the
beauty. Listen and you shall know the Truth, how they have life,
and how you too can also have life.

God blesses you as He has before, and He has given me to you as a
great gift; and most importantly, each of you too are a gift, a gift
with all your prayers and hopes, your works of mercy, your
compassion and love, all of which are gifts to God the Father.

Join together and know that you can make a difference through
prayer, through your works, and through Love. Peace to you