November 13, 2004

Sister Genevieve

Since we moved the only thing we have not had is a clothes dryer. S.C.C. has been riding into Emmitsburg to dry clothes at the laundry mat. It has been a lot of extra work for her but she never complained. Every time we planned to go get one something came up and were unable to do it. I told S.C.C. that when I get home from mass this morning we would go get a dryer.

I drove to St. Joseph’s for daily mass. There was nothing special about the time I arrived. Fr. Steve was the priest and he sounded and looked very sick. After mass I walked out to my car to get a copy of the picture I took at the Grotto on September 23, 1998 because I promised one to Bob F. When I walked out the door I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33. I gave Bob the picture.

Just as I gave the picture to Bob I remembered I also had a registration form in the car for our trip to Medjugorje for him. I walked back out to the car to get it and again when I walked out the door of St. Joseph’s my watch said XX:XX:33.

I then rode to St. Peters’s Books to get a cup of coffee with Jim O’Brien. After we had the coffee I took Jim home and I went home to pick up S.C.C. to go get the dryer. S.C.C., C.R.C., myself and C.R.C.’s friend Peter left to go to Lowe’s in New Oxford. We pulled out of the drive way and the time was 12:13.

We had only been driving for a little while when I remembered I had a 10% discount coupon for Lowe’s and I turned around to go back to the house and get it. We arrived back at the house and I got the coupon. We pulled out of the driveway again and this time the time was 12:33.

We drove to Lowe’s in New Oxford and S.C.C. picked out the dryer she wanted and we bought it. I went to get the truck to pull it up to the front of the store and when I started it the time on the dash was 1:33. I drove home and pulled in the driveway and the time was 2:33. Since the clock on the dash of my truck had not yet been adjusted for the recent time change it said 3:33.

I could tell S.C.C. was very happy to get the dryer because having it made her job much easier. Later in the afternoon while I was hooking up the dryer the phone rang and it was Sr. Genevieve. She wanted to know if I could stop by sometime soon. I told her I would stop by and visit her later this afternoon. I drove to St. Catherine’s and at the very instant I walked in Sr. Genevieve’s room the sudden feeling of peace hit me. I glanced at my watch and the time was 4:33.

Sr. Genevieve was very happy to have company and we sat and talked for a while. I was happy to see her looking good. As I was getting ready to leave she asked me if I would do her a favor. I said yes. Sr. Genevieve then asked me to go to the Jubilee Supermarket and get her a big bag of M&M’s. I told her I would go get them and come back. When I started my car to go to the Jubilee the time on the dash was 5:13.

On the way I rode by St. Joseph’s and the 4:30 mass was just letting out. I decided to stop and go in and say a few prayers. I parked and suddenly the peace hit me again. I then noticed the odometer was 3.3. I said my prayers and then left to go get the candy. When I returned to St. Catherine’s to give the M&M’s to Sr. Genevieve the odometer was 13.

I went back upstairs and gave Sister the candy and she kissed me goodnight. As I was leaving I felt the sudden, strong urge to go back to St. Joseph’s and pray the rosary. I drove back to St. Joseph’s and when I arrived the odometer was still 13. I noticed the lights were on in the church so I went in and prayed the Sorrowful rosary. When I finished I again felt the peace and looked at my watch and the time was 6:13. I then drove home and when I pulled in my driveway and the time was 6:33.

R_____ C___

Nov. 22, 2004

10:33 Pm