Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To the World
through Gianna Sullivan

November 21, 2004

The Feast of Christ the King

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, know that this is a very important day! This day forgiveness
comes from God the Father, not because of His Love for you, but because of
my Son Who was crucified. The Act of His Passion and Death is what has
gained forgiveness on your behalf from God the Father.

You know that there are many times in your lives that you may be challenged
or that you may experience hardships, suffering, injustices, unkind words
and uncharitable acts. When these happen, they are all for your betterment
and growth in my Son. Be humble and accept what you receive from others;
and perhaps reflect within yourselves on those areas in which you can grow
more in virtue, the areas of self-pride, vanity and
self-righteousness. And always look to my Son. He will turn those areas
into the most beautiful and glorious virtues in Himself.

Remember, what you do to one another, you do to my Son. Today, yes today
is the Day of Christ the King. He is your King. His Death has gained you
eternal life, and God the Father forgives you because of the Sacrifice
which my Son bore for you and through which He offered you to God the Father.

I love you. I take all your petitions, and I thank you for your response
to my call.

Reflection on the Nov. 21, 2004 Message

Jesus Christ, by His suffering on the Cross, totally defeated Satan and his
evil kingdom. Jesus was crowned King and Lord of all creation and reigns
now from the Cross. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He has shown
us there is no other way to life and salvation but that of Calvary.

Accordingly, in this message, our dear Mother advises us to be grateful to
Jesus, our Savior and King, for His Passion and Death. In following the
Lord, we too must carry our own cross willingly and lovingly. Our Mother
reminds us suffering is for our correction, betterment and spiritual
growth. In reality, our crosses are gifts from the Lord. Per crucem ad
lucem: from the Cross to the Light, no cross no crown. With thankful
hearts, let us fervently pray, "Lord, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven."

(Fr. John B. Wang)